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Shaolin Soccer!!

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This has been out a while in China, my brother-in-law being Chinese first rented it and my brother who was staying at my sisters at the time saw it. He told me about it and I finally got to see it last weekend and I must say it's a pretty good movie!! :approve:


A comedy, the story's about a shaolin kung-fu practitioner who's seeking a way to spread the word about shaolin kung-fu. He meets a down on his luck lame ex-football player who trains him and his five brothers to play football. They form a team, and are entered in a prestigious tournament with a 1 million dollar prize which has been won for the last five years by a team managed by the guy who arranged making the ex-footballer lame.


The story can lag a little in places and some of the jokes are lost in translation but where the film shines is the matches where, and this has to be seen, the Shaolin team use mystical-type kung-fu moves to play soccer! Done with brilliant special effects, which hard to explain, are not technically fantastic tho good but are used in the best possible ways. To give examples would just spoil the movie so I won't but I urge all deities to check this one out!!


IMDB (which gives it 8.1 from 600 votes) says it's out on the 5th of April in the US and the 31st May in the UK, under the name Kung-Fu Soccer.  

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Uh....we gots caught!

That's funny shit.  Hey NCS, welcome aboard, i hope ya stay along with us image-stealin thieves, sorry for not givin credit where its due.

Anyway, welcome aboard.

PS As for the movie, i saw the last half or so i think with Kee...that shit was kinda cool.  Funny as hell, but interestin...the endin alone made it worth it.




....damn, do all asians know kung-fu now?

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Eh sorry NCS, didn't think, force of habit. Normally I'd take pictures I use from Amazon or IMDb or stuff, ya know big servers.


Sango, don't get too hung up on the fact they're playing soccer matches, that's just a technicality and by the final there's some decent scrapping!


Shaolin Team vs Evil Team!!

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Hey, if you are going to use my bandwidth, you could could at least include a link to my review!


Not Coming Soon: Shaolin Soccer


And yeah, it is supposed to be coming out soon under the name "Kung Fu Soccer" but, reportedly, dubbed and edited.



Wasn't it released as Shaolin Soccer?


ps happybirf to the guy that never came back.

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Yes. It is on DVD right now. I suggest watching the subtitled version. Hopefully without getting into the sub vs. dub fight, that particular version is better (the dubb is similar, but changes various things, such as the soundtrack. Having Kung Fu Fighting play during the movie is mildly funny, but just takes away more than it gives). The Hong Kong DVD translation is just funny. "kick the soccer over here!"

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I'm pretty sure you can find an "All Regions" DVD player to play home region and international movies. My old roomate had one and that's how I seen a lot of movies here that were otherwise not distributed in the US or edited *read: raped* in the US version. Just make sure that it has sub titles and if you're lucky an english voice track.


With that I recommend Verus, a bad ass B-stock Samurai/gangland/horror movie ^^ (I think there's aliens in there somewhere too)

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