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Shaun of the Dead

La Lindsay

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seriously, i'm kind of drunk still. so i'm gonna have to post an actual review when i'm less inebriated. inebriated is a funny word. inebriated. anyway, so i saw a sneak preview of this movie last night and all i have to say is that this has been an excellent year for zombie movies...with this one basically taking the cake. there are so many awesome comedic moments in this movie. i love it. i love shaun. i love his flatmate (look guys, i used british "lingo"!!). i love everything about this movie. twas awesome! seriously though, i'm drunk. please feel free to post an actual review if you've seen this movie already. if you've seen this movie already, consider yourself a lucky bastard. oh man, nick is gonna love this one. later peeps. :D

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Just like Deac, looking forward to the DVD release. And I second the recommendation of Spaced a British comedy. It is my favourite sitcom of ALL TIME. Not even Fawlty Towers can topple it for me.


Its down at the moment but check out the official fan's website sometime.




You should be able to see some clips and stuff on it from the show.


The film was brilliant though, reminded me of 'From Dawn to Dusk' as there were sort of two distinct halves to the film, first half comedy, the second half zombie flick.


Killer cast as well. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost obviously stand out as the two heroes, but Bill Nighy as Philip does an outstanding job. Only disappointment for me was Dylan Moran's character, David. Shame to see a brilliant comedy actor given a slightly weak part I thought.


All in all though, two enthusiatic thumbs up, fine holiday fun!

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When I went to see Hero in the theaters, I cought the trailer for "Shaun" and automatically knew that was the movie for me!! It looks so good! Being that zombie movies are my favorite type of movie these days, this looks perfect! And the fact that it's a comedy too, I can't wait to see it!

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OH man they were doing a sneak preview for it last night... But Cj and I thought that it was already out maybe, but we had already prepurchased tix for Sky Cap. and the world of Tomorrow :( anyways to make a long story short, we agreed last night to go today, but of course it's not there because it only prescreened last night.

ah farts.

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Awesome! Absolutely fucking great. Funny as hell and still manages to be a real zombie movie, not just a parody. Beats the living crap out of any other new zombie movie I've seen, 28 days later can't touch it, IMO. They threw all kinds of homages in there that were great, from using music by Goblin (who scored dawn of the dead and lots of other zombie flicks) to the great line "We're coming to get you Barbara!" I can't say enough about this one. Everyone must go see it. This is really turning out to be a great year for movies.

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thank you junker...sorry about my drunken psuedo-review. i think the thing that i love most about this movie is that they don't hold back on the gore at all. i went into the movie thinking that since it was a "romantic comedy. with zombies." that they were going to emphasize the comedy and skimp on the gore. nope. i almost want to buy an all-region dvd player just so i can buy the dvd right now. i think this is meetup material people!!

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(Brian)Do you think i should lose the waistcoat?

(Tim)I think you should burn the waistcoat, 'cos if you lose it, you might find it again.


MIKE: Is that the first time you've seen him since....

TIM: yes, i think that was pretty cool, you know i could have flown off the handle, i could have er...smashed his face in, i could have set fire to him but i didn't

MIKE: What you gonna do when you see him next

TIM: I'm gonna set fire to him


In traffic jam, parody of 6th sense

(mike) there's been an accident, somebody got hurt.

(tim) who?

(mike) a lady

(tim) how do you know?

(mike) because we hit her, that's her there

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Bilbo Bagshot : What about the Ewoks eh? They were rubbish. You don't complain about them.

Tim : Yeah but Jar Jar Binks makes the Ewoks look like... fuckin'... Shaft.



Tim : You can't dangle the bogus carrot of possible reconciliation in front of my face whilst riding some other donkey.



Bilbo Bagshot : I used to know this guy, Minty. He had a dog who he'd train to attack rich people. He was into the whole class-war thing. He called the dog Gramsci after an Italian Marxist. Rumor has it, it could smell wealth from up to 20 feet. The thing is, it all backfired. Minty won 100 grand on a scratchcard and Gramsci bit his knees off.

Tim : That's terrible.

Bilbo Bagshot : Not really. He used the money to buy new knees.



Daisy : So who was this girl then?

Tim : Her name was Cassandra, she was a psychic, she gave me her phone number...

[hands Daisy a piece of paper]

Daisy : That's OUR phone number.

Tim : Man, she's good.

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Tim : You're scared of mice and spiders, but oh-so-much greater is your fear that one day the two species will cross-breed to form an all-powerful race of mice-spiders who will immobilize human beings in giant webs in order to steal cheese.



Daisy : In the end, our relationship was just like a sandwich toaster. You know, you just forget you've got one. And it just sits there on the top of the cupboard collecting a layer of greasy fudge. And even if you do see it you just assume it's broken, you think if it's working I'd be using it all the time, but you don't and it just sits there. Then one day, you get an overwhelming desire for toasted sandwiches, you know? And you get it down and it works, and you can't believe it, you know? And then you make every kind of toasted sandwich there is, you have toasted sandwich parties. You make Marmite and cheese, chocolate and...

Tim : Pilchards.

Daisy : Banana and...

Bilbo: Acorns.

Daisy : Acorns. And then as quickly as the desire comes, it just goes. And then you put the toaster sandwich maker away. And, you know what?

Tim : What?

Daisy : You don't miss it.

Bilbo: So what you're saying is 'Don't hide the toasted sandwich maker away, use him regularly and you'll get the most out of him'.

Tim : No, she's saying 'Chuck your boyfriend, have a sandwich'.

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Tiz: Right mines a pint of the black stuff

Mike: You can't drink a pint of bovril



(Tim and Daisy confronted by gang of youths)


Tim: What?!

Gang leader: You know what

Tim: Is it because I sang the song from the Kiora advert?

Daisy: Oh I remember that. "Its too orangey for crows".




Spaced is the fanboys dream come true, a show packed with obscure film references and quotable snit-bits

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One of the things thats nice for Spaced fans is that there are a number of references to Spaced throughout Shaun of the Dead. Can't remember what these are off-hand but will watch the film again soon and perhaps list them like the sad guy I am.


Its kinda like Steve Coogan's alter-ego Alan Partridge. Steve Coogan can't do a film role without some Partridge-isms sneaking in. I reckon Simon Pegg will never be able to do anything with Nick Frost and Edgar Wright without some Spaced-isms being evident.



Tim: What are we going to do man, were screwed

Mike: We're gonna fix him and then we're going to kick some arse......Timmy...fetch me my tools



By the way, brilliant unofficial fan site is back up where you can check out some film clips and audio clips and all-sorts of other stuff. And here it is

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Saw this again last night and I have to say I enjoyed it even more than the first time I watched it. Really stands up to repeat viewings.


As promised here are two of the obvious Spaced homages in Shaun of the Dead.


1) The term "Fried Gold" is used a couple of times in the film. If you have watched the Spaced commentary in Series 2 (which I have done multiple times coz its almost as funny as the show itself) they talk about using "fried gold" on set when there was a particularly good piece of comedy acting.


2) There is a zombie version of Tiaz, a rave-obsessed minor character with a short attention span who featured in a couple of episodes. He is easy to pick out among the crowd of zombies outside the Winchester pub by his bright yellow cap and bike-courier outfit.



Look forward to the DVD. The Spaced crew put a lot of effort into the Spaced DVD with really good extras, thoughtfully done, so I expect nothing less from the Shaun of the Dead DVD.

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You should find out why people hated it why stabbing them slowly. Hey, its a mercy kill. :D


BTW, killer avatar 2T. I may need to follow you down the Partridge route.


I, Alan Patridge, would like to push you, Simon Fisher, into a very deep, disused canal.


(Talking about U2 with a couple of Irish guys)

You wake up in the morning, the kids are screaming and you just think sunday bloody sunday

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