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The O.C.!!

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awwww yeah! tonights the night. my bf actually had the nerve to call this a "novela" (spanish for soap opera for the non spanish readers) i was there working out and the commercial came out on one of the tvs and when he said that i was like hell no negroid thats no soap thats the OC! you people just dont understand. now he thinks the oc has more priority cause i said im not going to the gym with him tonight cause im going straight after work cause theres no way im missing my show at 8. i kinda wish they still gave it at 9. ah well . im kinda hating on these new characters their bringing on though. i like the orig. cast. its like why the fuck you gotta bring more faces for? i want cohen to be with summer and ryan to be with marisa. i dont need these new skanks to be funking up that mix. wait am i hating on my own show. LL smack my hand please?! (yeah people im still kinda drunk from last night) :D


LL why doesnt that pic have summer in it? are they implying something? they cant take her out!!!!!

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*smacks tussins hand*

snap out of it tussin!! it'll still have the same regulars. i found that pic on the website i think. that pic is the promotional pic from last year. i think i heard that she wasn't a main character until a few episodes into the show so that's probably why she wasn't in that picture. i heard her and adam brody are engaged in real life :D . but good for them. and yeah, what the hell is your boyfriend doing calling the show a novela?!! you know what you should do as his punishment...buy the dvd of the first season (if you haven't already) and make him watch the first season. and damn, it's about time that this show started up again!! woo hoo!!!! :D and i'm glad skeeter is a fan too! there are way too many haters of this show on the board...haters!

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omg last nights episode was action packed! I sooooo knew that Marisa's mom and dad were gonna do something! i just didnt think it would happen this soon. And this whole scandal of the affair with that lady. whooaaa hot shiiiit! and when it came out that the Ryans new nerdy girl interest was her daughter! mannnnn i was like falling off the couch. Seth and Summer need to get over each others pride and admit they still wanna be together. it makes me hate the new guy with a passion although the new blonde is kinda cool. I just want them to get back together. Chrismikah is gonna be veeeeerrry interesting. I cant wait! Man you guys who dont watch this show are missing out!

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