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Blade 3: Trinity

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Im fairly certain theyre not gonna touch the movie version of blade; they just love puttin that logo all over their mass media stuff now (its on all the newer movies & video games, too)....to prove it, they changed their company's name from "Marvel Comics" to "Marvel Enterprises" a few years back....so yeah, just showin off their stuff, cant hurt.


Havent seen the trailer yet....i really enjoyed part 1, but 2 rather let me down, any ideas/bets on this one?

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Each to his own.

I liked blade 2 in fairness, i loved how dark the first one was, i ain't saying 2 is the best in the trilogy.

Blade one is ace, i though 2 was really good, overall, really good in the cinema soundwise, and almost as good on my Dolby Digital Home Cinema System!! :D

Thats why i've been reported to the cops a few times!!!! Noise pollution

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The fight scenes were quite good, one thought tho, is that HHH from WWE??? I guess it is, shocked by that.


Although im not too sure if that was Tripple H it definitly was someone from one of the Wrestling shows b.c my bf had pointed it out to me when he first appeared but i failed to pick up on his name. Good eye SoF!


Also what did you guys think of Jessica Biel's performance and role?

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