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94.9 Zeta is HISTORY!


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That's right folks.


If you tuned into 94.9 Zeta this afternoon and expected to hear some alternative rock, grunge rock, or rock in general... YOU'VE BEEN HAD!


Welcome to non-stop Enrique Iglesias. Non-stop Reggaeton. Just what Miami needed, more Spanish radio.


So, feel free to vent here.


Zeta's gone.


No more rock unless you turn to 105.9 FM.





:D :D

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what the fuck...!?


i was on the road most of today; i tuned in & kept hearing spanish remixes of Snoop, etc, and thought "well, the rock kids dig Snoop"...then i heard Pitbull, and was like, how hte fuck? they only play latin rock on saturday nights or so....but all day it was like that.


just to check...yup, Zeta's page is this now.


No warning, no nothing?! i was listening to them this morning, the english guy was talkin, what the fuck happened?! So no more chilli peppers, new rock, nu-metal & all that, just Power 96 again? I love big 106, but they do classic rock, some blues etc on the side (which is cool), but new rock, it was all Zeta....man, they better've moved or somethin.

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Where'd you hear that? that's fucked up...that english guy was cool, and between the local stuff, necessary nirvana, triple shots & that hardcore show, they were really breakin out of that nu-metal only funk, i thought.


I blame this on their latin rock hour.

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here it is....from the miami herald.


Posted on Sat, Feb. 12, 2005




R E L A T E D  L I N K S 

•  Vote | Will you tune in more frequently to ZETA's new music format? 







Zeta giving up rock for Hispanic urban sounds


Urban music replaced rock on WZTA-FM 94.9 as Clear Channel aims to capture young, bilingual Hispanic listeners.







It was out with Pearl Jam and in with Tego Calderón at WZTA 94.9 FM on Friday when Clear Channel Communications abruptly flipped its Zeta alternative rock station to a Hispanic urban format.


Rebranded as ''Mega, Latino and proud,'' the station started pumping out a funky mix of reggaeton, Spanish hip-hop and dance tunes aimed at the bilingual 18-to-34 crowd.


The switch is part of Clear Channel's strategy announced last September to aggressively expand its portfolio in the booming Spanish-language radio market. The San Antonio-based radio giant said it would convert up to 25 stations to Hispanic formats across the country. Counting South Florida, it's done seven so far.




''We looked at this very carefully for several months and saw a large hole in the marketplace,'' said David R. Ross, regional vice president of Clear Channel South Florida, which runs eight stations based in Miramar.


``The Spanish primary stations serve that first generation of Hispanics, but we're going to serve that second, third, fourth generation. Almost 50 percent of the 18-to-34 group (in South Florida) is Hispanic and 65 percent of them are fully bilingual.''


Mega will be aired mostly in Spanish but English will be woven seamlessly into the banter, much as bilingual Hispanics speak, Ross said. The new format is what Clear Channel has dubbed ''Hurban'' for Hispanic urban, which it debuted in November on a former Houston rock station.


''The results have been outstanding,'' said Alfredo Alonso, Clear Channel's senior vice president for Hispanic radio. ``Latino youth has never really had a station for their musical taste. The public wants something they can call their own.''


Ross sees Mega's competition as both English and Spanish stations: No. 1 hip-hopper WPOW-FM (96.5), Power 96, owned by Beasley Broadcasting of Naples, and Spanish Broadcasting System's WXDJ-FM (95.7), El Zol, the top Spanish-language tropical station among young listeners.


''It will certainly injure Power and XDJ, that's what it's designed to do,'' he said. ``We think that with Mega, [and other Clear Channel stations WHYI-FM 100.7, Y-100] and [WMIB-FM 103.5] The Beat, we'll own the 18-to-34 market.''




Power 96 Program Director Kid Curry didn't think it wouldn't be that easy to make a dent in Power or any Spanish-language station.


''It's all hyperbole. Bring 'em on,'' he said. ``This is a market of very well-entrenched Spanish stations. It'll be a tough battle for everyone involved.''


Jerry Rushin, general manager of Cox Broadcasting's WEDR-FM (99.1) 99 Jamz, and WHQT-FM (105.1), Hot 105, said Hispanic hip-hop has tremendous appeal as a musical genre, but the Spanglish-style presentation is a question mark. ''It may be brilliant, it may bust,'' he said.


The switch may also benefit Clear Channel's classic rock station WBGG-FM 105.9, Big 106, as it will now be the only rock 'n' roller in town. Zeta's ratings had been floundering for the past year, particularly after popular morning duo Paul and Young Ron shifted to Big.


''There probably wasn't room for two rock stations,'' said Tom Taylor, editor of radio industry journal Inside Radio/M Street. ``Rock is not a growing segment. Spanish radio is the story. Zeta was a natural candidate for a flip.''




Ross said the company is trying to find new jobs elsewhere in the company for Zeta's programming and on-air staff. Three or four people have been laid off, he said. Juan Arroyo is Zeta's new program director.


As Mega ramps up, it will play 5,000 songs in a row to get listeners used to the new music style, while on-air personalities are being relocated. ''We're bringing in fresh faces and new voices,'' Ross said. ``It's not going to be a rehash of anything. It will all be generated here.''


Zeta fans were stunned by the unannounced change. ''I felt like someone took a pail of cold water and poured it on top of me. I have been depressed the whole day,'' Lucys Mora wrote in an e-mail to The Herald.

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Well, we werent left without rock for too long...as of this evening, 93.1 (the "new" dance station, with a playlist of like 12 tracks) also switched, to the new miami rock station. Their opening song was "Guerrilla Radio" (it was great! went from bad house music to Rage, without skipping a beat...glad i was there for it), then Linkin Park fest.


Not quite Zeta, but its somethin...here's to hoping for The Brand on a local rock show.


but what do those dance/techno kids do now...? are they gonna replace a spanish station, in a giant clear channel game of musical chairs...? :D


ps "Hurban"...that takes marketing lingo to an all-new gay. its like saying their cultured herbs.

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