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Cowboy fight...2!

Who would win?  

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The sequel to the runaway smash hit (not really), Cowboy fight!, this is Cowboy fight 2!


Where as Cowboy fight 1 deal with small potatoes (John Wayne and Clint Eastwood), Cowboy Fight 2 will move on to the big question, the mother of all fights, between the two undisputed greatest cowboys, Sam Elliot and Slim Pickens!


Sam Elliot:






Slim Pickens:






And the greatest cowboy moment ever caught on film...



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Hah...i love this. Shame there was no room for Burt Lancaster, Sam Cassemedes, Lee Marvin, Gary Cooper, Henry Fonda etc....mebbe for fight 3...?


My $'s on Sam, he's still alive, and pretty big too. Now, if Slim comes in ridin' that a-bomb....i guess its a draw?

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