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Downloads ya just can't Find

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yeah, 4 solid seeders. if its slow, ill look for another, but good eye, Ly - does he need to be logged in to grab it tho?

Good question... I'm pretty sure that I've registered, but I haven't logged into it in forever. Hasn't given me any trouble.


Damn, found some I've been wanting, too. I need to check Z-Cult more often.

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cool man, stick with it cause it only gets better. post in the revew thread in comics for it whenever you care to as well...Ly, you gotta check it out man.

holy crap, i already downloaded 4 gigs offa demonid, that was fast.


say, i havnet looked that hard, but can anyone find me a torrent for a samurai flick called Kagemusha?

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Uploaded: 6.92 GB

Downloaded: 3.85 GB...


I'll end up trying to download it myself, but if I don't manage (space is a bit of a problem as I share this computer) that would be nice (thanks for the offer).


On the bright side, I think I' might've found all I need to finish that Maxx torrent that never completed. :sad:

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Nick, here's a few different ones of Kagemusha for ya


i checked on demonoid, they had a 6 gig one, which i don't think you'd like, seeing as you're always bitching about no pc space, and a polish one, which i don't think you'd like, given you're not polish...


i checked isohunt, they seem to have a few more than demonoid. if that doesn't suit, i'll give more of a scout for ya



Kagemusha torrent listing!

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i think that first one is a straight rip of the polish one on demonoid to be honest... same size, but i could be wrong, sure, if it is, you can always delete and get one of the other two that are there


and ive downloaded a bigger torrent, 37 gigabytes... topgear series 1-8...


but yeah, i left a present over in the mash-up thread for ya

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