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Been over 48 hours. New trivia question:


Alfred Molina played a major role in the multi-hundred million dollar making movie, Spider-Man 2, but he secured himself a small part in film history at the beginning of his career with a small but crucial role in one of Hollywood's most memorable scenes. What was the movie, and what was his key line of dialogue?

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Hm, I don't even remember the answer to that last question.


Bringing this one back. It works just like the movie quotes thread. If you answer a question correctly, toss a new one up. Try not to cheat and use IMDb or any other source other than maybe going back and watching the movie in question. Like the quotes thread, we'll try to keep this restricted to well-known movies, but I'm not makin' any promises.


First one:


Though they had a previously successful comedic partnership in The Producers, Mel Brooks did not write the role of the Waco Kid in Blazing Saddles for Gene Wilder. What famous actor was the role meant for?

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Here's one, what movie is this: A talking mime with a bad disposition falls in love with a nun while suffering from hero-worship for his roommate, a popular, philandering, Elvis-like, criminal poet. The poet's sister, meanwhile, who has just been released from a mental institution, loves the mime. When he rejects her, she falls in love with Corduroy Boy, a masked hulk who rummages through garbage and may be the next messiah.

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