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...finally caught up. 


between my EU trip a few months back (finally read golden age arc & realized how much was left out of the OG anime) and spending the last month or so between millennium falcon arc & fantasia, i'm realizing i prolly bailed early on of the latter a few years back & didn't see a lot of volumes past that, so i held off...was absolutely not ready for volume 40 or so



holy shit, puck even jokes that it took us 20 years to get caska back!  the witches in her dreams trying to put her back together, with dog-guts dragging her casket and suffering...fuck.  and they still can't even be around ughhhh



i absolutely don't get people who though that finale was satisfying in & of itself, unless that was just folks making peace with the very real possibility that we'd not be getting more



reading the 2 issues the team just gave us...the art/vibe is definitely a bit different, but the jump in where we find ourselves after all that peace/character development is really crazy right now so it's hard to gauge.  i was definitely looking at the amazing splash pages of the kingdom of falconia in awe, knowing those visuals might be the last we see like them.  still very grateful that the series is continuing (and hopefully at a good pace?), but the absence of miura will always be felt.


ps check this out



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