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Battle of the Martial Arts Legends


Who shall come out on top in this battle?  

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Bruce Lee would tear those guys apart. How many of them were able to master the one inch punch? How many of those other guys broke their back, were hospitalized for six months, and then through sheer determination was able to get back into the best shape of his life? How many of those other guys designed a martial arts style (Jeet Kun Do in this case) that was extremely practical for self-defense?


None, zilch, nada.


When Bruce Lee was on set making movies in China, he was challenged on a daily basis by other martial artists. The Americans in the film crew in documentaries about Bruce witnessed him at least every single day get challenged by other fighters. In fact, it would delay production of certain shots because Bruce Lee was busy fighting.


There is no contest. If it wasn't for Bruce, those other guys wouldn't even be on the list.

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"With nothing but his hands, feet and a lot of attitude, he turned the little guy into a tough guy." -- Time




Bruce Lee hands down. Among martial artists, he is a god. Bruce Lee was known to be a martial artist's martial artist. Read his Jeet Kune Do- a philosophy in total arts of the mind, body and soul. Hail Bruce!



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I don't get why people snicker at Steven Seagal...


Sure he isnt the most emotional actor, or great at looking flashy... but he kicks some serious ass. I'd like to see any of you go out there and play tango with him.


I think Bruce Lee has a more flare and ... zip... to his style but I still think Seagal is a hella lot more bad ass that anyone gives him credit for. I am trying to find the article where Chan talks about ability, and he went on to say that he thought Seagal was very skilled and underrated. Doesnt mean he is top dog.. but means he is respected.


Dont confuse acting with ability folks.

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Even Dick Clark was fallible. Didn't he suffer from a stroke a while back and last year was the first year he didn't host Rockin' New Years Eve since he started?


Man I'd give real money to look half as good as Chuck does when I pass the 60 mark!

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Steven Segal and his'"walk into my fist' technique. nuh-uh.

And even thought I get a sense of betrayal for choosing the guy with the hair fanscination over Bruce Lee, the man that defined martial arts to an american audience; Jet Li has been bringing back the excitement of what a good action movie is suppose to be (let's ignore "The One", every start is entitled his "Return of the Dragon" flop :P)

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