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Not really...the way it works is like folks who spend a lot of time in the sun, well their hair lightens. If they shave it it will grow back in the darker winter shade. Same thing with redheads, just a little more extreme cause the sun tends to lighten our hair anytime of the year.


My hair is more blond than it was...say five years ago.

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Why does everyone have a Q thread, but me? Maybe becasue I never started one haha oh well

Whatcha been up to?

Are you excited about November?

Are you excited about your Halloween party?

Did I mention that if you take pictures of this thing you have to get my permission before posting any of me? ha it's the law

What are you thinking of right now?

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The kinkiest thing I've ever done...well, that's either letting my husband attempt to fist me...or the time I let my ex-Mistress adminster a spanking at a play party.


And to Christy:


I haven't been doing anything. Was waiting to talk to you and then a movie came on. :) I am awesomely excited about Nov and Halloween. Thinking about it all day. I'm not going to post any pics of you. I'll keep them under my pillow. :devil: Right now...hmm, watched Harold and Kumar so now I'm thinking where I can find some of the frozen burgers. So good.

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What should I go as for Halloween? I can't think of anything cheap, I could just go as me, that's cheap. I could dye my hair red and go as you hahaha, I don't think I'd make a good Amber. Me and 5 friends of mine once went as the rainbow haha super cheap.


Are you really going to let me practice oral on you? I just need practice cause of the tongue ring that and it's been a while hahaha



What's your favorite color?


If you wrote anything other than Erotica what would it be?

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Christy: The erotica bix is ok. I'm seeing more and more venues opening up but I haven't written or submitted anything in a while. I want to publish my book first. The fellow in Scotland has not yet gotten back to me. I'm going to wait till the end of the month before I start getting all fired up. At this precise moment I'm listening to my sister bitch. And I have no idea what LA LA La La means. :ohface:


MM: I'd love to invite you but seeing as how I don't really see my Mistress much I don't think I'll be going to any play parties any time soon.


Skeeter: I'm probably the strangest girl you'll ever meet.


Lycaon: Yes, actually I do. One hour out in the sun and I turn pink. Any longer than that and I have to remember to wear sunblock.


Christy again :yup: : I still think the pumpkin and pumkin seeds idea was a good one. Or you could come as yourself, you don't really have to wear a costume. And yes, you can practice on me. I'm a willing volunteer. And my fave color would have to be...er...silver. And if I wrote anything other than erotica it would just be plain fiction. Drama type stuff.

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It wa Ashely Simpson, didn't sound like her... I don't like her but Nick thinks she H-O-T. Yeah, she was asking me for money for a car seat. She doesn't use protection the little idiot. When she told me the first thing I thought was, damn, I'm going to have to buy a bassinet. :( No, I didn't know Lycaon was redhead. That's neat.

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