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Check my other post in Nintendorks for more info.


Basically I found a program (FREE!) that creates/edits old school games made in a format called AGI (Adventure Game Interface). These would be games like Kings Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, etc. (The early versions like 1-3). Anyways, Cheif's teamed up with me to make a game. Something like a Drunken Deities Quest. We need your input now, (more help would be cool too). We need ideas. A title. Characters to make. What the characters do. Items. An end goal for the game. How to proceed to the goal. Scenes. Etc. Anything that any of you can think of, PLEASE post it. Anything at all! No idea to small. No such thing as a dumb idea in this game. Well, have at it!


- :ssj:

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Okay. Good call, many people may not be familiar with the Quest games. Oooooold games mad back at the dawn of PCs. Early-mid eighties. I remember my first ever PC game. King's Quest III. That game was so cool. It was a game that made you think. It had little puzzles in it. The little puzzles led to big puzzles, and when you solved the big puzzles, It led to the finalie. Okie doke, Screenshots coming up then.

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I seem to remember my first Pc that had windows (my mom had an old ibm without a gui interface, just text, and my dad had a Mac Classic) came with King's Quest VII, if I remember correctly. Is it the old Dragon's Lair type game with animation and you choose the patch and watch it go about like a cartoon. That's my memory of King's Quest VII. I played a princess if i remember, collecting objects and such. Don't remember it to well because I was far more immersed in Sim City and The Great Machine.

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Done! MLB will be a guy carrying a leaky bucket trying to find a secret well. Also JMT, you wanted a Mario-esque character, right? Done. Also, the main character and main villian are not up for grabs. I've decided that they should just be random characters (they can be taken from anything, haven't completely decided on them yet. I was thinking the main villian could be Dr. Evil, Majin Buu, Osama bin Laden. Any other ideas are more than welcome.)  :approve:

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Not a bad idea. I think Irish Cowboy would want to be a cowboy though, and Yahve's character is up to him. As for Octodious, since he's already not human, We can make him be like the #2 Villian. Ideas for the #1 villian? Or should that really just go to Octodious? Also, I'm putting in the 7 Dragon Balls, and my character is gonna be a super saiyan that shows the main character how to do a Kamehameha (a kind of energy attack for those who don't know.). I'll be sure to put in some stuff from the Matrix too, tho. Thanks. If you have any ideas on how to fit Matrix-y stuff in, lte me know. Thanks, and keep the ideas coming!  :approve:

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Hehe, this all sounds like the bishiznit. As for Matrix-style stuff, have the character follow a white rabbit at the beginning to lead to a dodgy 80's rave.


Also can we have some nihilists feature somewhere? :D


I have to admit I ain't all that computer literate. How long does making an adventure game like this take? I'd imagine a while. ???

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MLB, Awesome idea on the white rabbit!!! That's in!  :approve:


As far as how long it will take...


If we were programming with C (Or C++), You'd be quite right in assuming that it would take a long time. However, we're programming with a language called AGI (Adventure Game Interface.. I think). AGI is really easy to use, so it shouldn't take all that long, especially once I've got all the ins and outs figured out(piece of cake). I'd say, unless something tragic happens, we could potentially see a finished product.. End of August, late September at the latest.

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Sounds cool. We'll try to work that one in there somehow.  :D


As a side note: These kinds of games focus on getting items. Little items lead to bigger ones, bigger ones lead to even bigger ones, the even bigger ones lead to The ones that solve the game.


I.E. The 7 Dragon Balls will be the next to last kind.

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Also I need everyone to at least post once here. That is if you want to be in the game (Unless I've contacted you personally, or you can also PM me). I had a few ideas, but I wanted to get everyone's approval first, and also to try and generate other ideas. Okay so far, we've got:


MLB = A guy with a leaky bucket.

JMT = A mario-esque character.

SSJ4Benny = A super saiyan.


Now for ideas


Big Chief Slapaho = An Indian Chief of the tribe Slapaho.

IC = A cowboy, an irish one.

KoS = Bartender #1

SoF = Bartender #2

Spiffy Tee = A John Woo style character.

Yahve = The king. (don't get excited, it's a cameo.)

Kee = His EQ character. A wizard.

Artisticartoon = The owner of a secret Fight Club.

Everyone else = ???


Let me know what you think.

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LOL.. Hmm.. This is giving me an idea... Use the Police Quest engine, and have all of us be some kind of criminal, then just when he's about to get the last of us, the last guy breaks everyone else out of jail, then the final scene plays, the cop main character gets beat the crap out of by everyone. LOL

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