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Ive no idea why one of the best musicians of all time never got this thread, so here it is.


Cash was the best.


Cash > Dylan > your favorite artist.


Tribute to Cash - God's gonna cut you down video - featuring Keith Richards, Bono, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, Kanye West, Chris Rock, Terrance Howard, Amy Lee, and many others, all dressed in black.


Also: Video to Cash's cover of "Hurt", still prolly one of the most touching videos ive seen.

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you can get the fuck out of this thread, you cash-hatin' commie.

you know the pieces of crap your asshairs catch that just arent large enough to really be dingleberries? Cash had them, and they were each, individually, more talented than anything you like.


additionally: i like how country music is trying to claim him as one of their own posthumously.



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when have i ever said i disliked cash.... i like him... i just prefer dylan... so what you're saying is.. cash's dingle berries are more talented than cash himself? fun man... Fun...


i do however fail to see how dingle berries could compare to the likes of hendrix, the doors, the smiths, new order, joy division and many of the other great bands i listen to

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i do however fail to see how the likes of hendrix, the doors, the smiths, new order, joy division and many of the other great bands i listen to can compare to cash


Well, at least you're gettin it. Come to think of it, The Doors need their own topic too if they dont got one...


Anyway, it occured to me the other day that one of the books i lost on my misadventures on the dallas highway was Cash's autobiography that i never got to read, i should look that one up at abe's books.


I'm gonna go listen to "25 minutes to go".

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aw man, you havent seen it? really?


It was his final works; that video i put up at the start, "God's gonna cut you down" is off of there; amazon says "Like The 309" was actually the last song he wrote...IV is fun for his excellent covers, but V was the last of his original works, barring any unreleased material that comes out at a later date.


Im gonna go add the day he died to our calendar, but if you want V, ill burn it for you man, its what he'dve wanted.

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yeah, but he has a revolving door of others helping out. Its mostly his show but there's others involved.


i still say nine inch nails do a better version of hurt


you can be wrong more than once on the same thread, i dont see why not.


but i don't think it's even close, the only better cover version of a song is all along the watchtower by Jimi


You should hear STP's cover of "Dancing Days", but this thread's about Cash, not Zeppelin or people being constantly wrong.


Anyway, the live albums - specifically, Live at Folsom Prison and the San Quentin one - are just the definition of classic. His first performance of "A boy named Sue" and a few others, his best versions of "Folsm Prison Blues", "Wanted Man", "Cocaine Blues' and a few others, and hearing the warden fuss & prisoners cheer in the back only rebuffs it. Check em out man, you wont be dissapointed.

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see, but that's why no one listens to you young bucks.


Youre comparing a classic storyteller from like, elvis era who never really got his due, but paved the way for so many after him, and showed amazing versatility for a baritone country/gospel singer, orignally, and you cant name a classic artist that didnt take from him and look up to him.


and youre comparing him to reznor, who's no doubt an innovator in the genre of industrial (though he didnt create it) and has an impressive body of work for his age, and a lot of my respect as well, but is a legend and a great contemporary artist.

Youre right that they shouldnt be in the same sentence - cause i made a thread here about the equivalent of what jimi did for the guitar, and you come in crying that, somehow, slash isnt getting his due.

You havent said a thing since this thread started.

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when the fuck did i cry about slash not getting his due?


and its just all an opinion man.. i honestly don't see anything special about cash... and i don't see why he is supposedly so influential... but if you see it.. cool.. more power to ya... he was just never my thing and the more i listen to him, i doubt he ever will be my thing...


we can agree to disagree without going all arch and jumbie on this, right?

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it was an analogy. an analogy's like...fuck it, i wont ruin the surprise.


and whereas id normally see where taste cant be argued much, there's preferences and levels of ignorance. I can tell you im not a big fan of Pink Floyd, for example, but if i come in and tell you Puddle of Mud pwns them, id appreciate it (mebbe down the road) if someone who knew music history & had more refined tastes put me in my place.

Thats why this isnt jumbie/arch/jax etc. This isnt elitism, its education.

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