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Back in the day (early 90's, natch) id work for less than minimum wage for a family business, and save up for 16-bit games the best i could, but naturally, i took to reading pracitcally all the gaming mags till i found one that got universally good reviws from people who knew good games. So, after such research, i went out and bought 2 Genesis titles; ESWAT (also a classic, cant wait to get this PS2 emulator working soon), Strider, an arcade port id never heard of otherwise, but boasted a larger cartridge than had been seen before (8MB!!).




I needed a cheat for a few extra continues and a rapid-fire controller to survive, but this game was amazing. It had about 5 stages, with excellent, excellent level design and really great mini-bosses and regular bosses. You really went for a ride in this game.


Damned if i knew anything plot-wise taht was going on from the engrish cutscenes, but this is one of those id just play to death and never get tired of. I could play it while talking to boring people on the phone and still have enjoyed my time.


You were this badass cyber-ninja with a lightsaber-katana-thing that more or less was invading russia, because i dont know what's stealthy about slaughtering minions and brining your cyber-pantehr and hawk along for the ride, not to mention the bots. Somewhere between the council turning into a mecha-dragon id have to ride to kill, the zero-gravity areas, outrunning mines going off down a slope, hijacking a carrier (killing everyone on it to take it down), the obligatory jungle (sega LOVED jungle levels back then, Junker swears they mustve been in the development kit or something) with dinosaurs, and the hidden ninja bitches in the last level, i fell in love.


Sadly, Hiryu wouldnt been seen for a while to come.




I was very happy to see him in Marvel vs Capcom, and he was cool as shit there too. But it wasnt enough.




Strider 2 was what i had in mind - besides packaging the arcade (harder!) version of 1 (tho they labled the discs wrong, oddly...), 2 was also great, as i recall, since DJ Ario X stole it many years ago ( :eh: ). Same gameplay, but the only thing that knocked it was the fact that unlimited continues, pretty much right where you died, meant youd beat it almost in one sitting if you just ketp at it.

Still, level layout and bosses were great, and you even unlocked another strider, who made the game way easier.


Wikipedia says he comes from an old manga ive yet to see translated. They claim he's got a role in Namxo x Capcom, an action RPG that looks, sadly, like itll never get localization, for reasons i have no idea cause it sounded awesome. Addiotnally, Strider 3 was scheduled for X-box (since Shinobi and others saw their return there), but never saw the light of day.


Anyway, he's an old-school cult thing that could either be forgotten (like my poor Golgo 13) or see a return to glory one day, but either way, the few games he got were amazing.

(i cant comment on the NES one, as i never played it... :pinch: )

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bish - didnt forget the NES one, i commnted that i left it out cause i never played it.


Chiefy - you can emu it, but its also on Strider 2 (PS1) or on the recent Capcom Classics Collection vol 2, ill have it next week if you wanna play.


glad to see Hiryu getting love. Man, he got left behind like Kid Icarus.

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Awesome! This ninja needed some love.

OK...I just had to put my 2 cents on Hiryu.


First off...why does everyone say that the NES Strider sucked? Man..i rented this game from my video store as a kid and i didn't return it till i beat it. i was hooked on finding all this crap to upgrade Hiryu. Besides the NES version did more for Strider story-wise too. If you wanna know what goes on in the manga done my Moto Kikaku, the NES version is the closest you're gonna get.


As for him being in Namco x Capcom, yeah, he's duking it out with Strider Hien (See Strider 2 for details) throughout the game. Oh and as a side note, if you're a fan of either company, Namco x Capcom should be tried out. Its got a very convoluted story, but at least the game and interaction with all these different characters is great.




Back to Strider...umm yeah, I wish there was a Strider 3. I kept hoping to see it on the PS2 since the Xbox was getting Ninja Gaiden. But hey, maybe we'll get to see him this console generation. I mean c'mon, when aren't ninjas in demand. :pinch:

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nuts to the nay-saywers! ive waited years for the return of Strider, and Capcom was clearly gonna outsource this. SH: Homecoming was one of the least offensive entries in the series last gen, and we'll see how KI goes but F2P prolly wasn't their idea to be honest.


ya'll keep your pessimism; i'm finally getting Strider 3 and it looks a lot like the greatness that was 2. I don't have to pretend Moon Diver is as close at we get anymore!

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you guys still aren't getting it; BC is BC. for proper BC, you have the hardware on board - this is either present, or it isn't.


Mark my words, years after the PS4 is out, there are going to be cross-play/cross-buy network titles that will run identically on both systems (Vita and PS4). This means that the hypothetical title could also run for PS3 equally well. Are titles like this going to be available for PS3? Will Sony continue to support digital content for PS3 even after PS4 is released, this remains to be seen and there is no precedent we can look towards, but it makes the PSN/XBLA BC issue seem like an artificial and contrived boundary.


The plan is to release the game as a digital download only when it arrives in early 2014. The game is currently being developed for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and the PC


It. Begins.


But how??.......the hardwares.....they are different.

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i'm with Kholer on this one - Gakai (especially as far as BC and back catalog go) is a pie in the sky until i see otherwise. anyone who believes they'll have solid execution of a virtual console like library anywhere near at launch wasn't around for their firmware updates last gen.


there's been more open-world ish talk about this one recently, still waiting for more gameplay though!

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