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Does anybody remember this great cartoon?? Or I was the only one who watched this?

Sam & Max was one of my all time favourites video games, created by Steve Parcell.


Sam & Max are a pair of fictional comic book characters who occupy a parody of American popular culture. Sam is a 6-foot anthropomorphic dog in detective's clothing and Max is a "hyperkinetic rabbity thing." Created by Steve Purcell in a 1987 comic book, the characters are probably best known for their 1993 computer game, Sam & Max Hit the Road.


They are private investigators, or as they like to call themselves, "freelance police." The pair live and work in New York City, but often travel to such places as New Orleans, ancient Egypt, the Philippines, and the Moon. They drive a seemingly indestructible black-and-white 1960 DeSoto Adventurer to most of these locations (including the Moon, which they achieved by "stuffing the muffler with thousands upon thousands of match heads"). Max often drives, despite being unable to see over the dashboard.


Their crime fighting technique involves brandishing their oversized guns to intimidate criminals (it is not clear where Max keeps his weapon as he is completely naked; when asked, Max always replies with "None of your damn business, Sam."), but more often than not they need to rely on more creative solutions to vanquish evil. When they do use firearms Sam favours a gigantic revolver, while Max prefers a Luger. Sam and Max occasionally receive assignments from a mysterious Commissioner over the phone, but they usually just walk straight into trouble.




There was a cartoon that was only one season long.

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In Amazon they're selling the Tick on DVD


Have you played any of the new games? Sure, they're not quite as good as the original (what is?) but they're still hysterically funny.


I didn't know there was a new game. But yeah the original one it was fucking great. The cartoon of S&M was really great, a lot of good humor just like the game. It was kinda bizarre... but still, very fun to watch.

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I remember the day of the tentacle style game, and a little of the cartoon....and it was good. Though I hadn't heard about any new release and, sure, it can't compare, it's probably still worth checking out.


I think Cosmo was the first game I had...awesome.

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