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I'm sure not many of you liked this game but there's probably a few of you here who saw it as ingenious and one of the best gaming experiences you've ever had (come on I can't be the only one)


Anyhow, Rockstar North has announced Manhunt 2 coming out Spring/Summer of this year for the Playstation 2, Playstation Portable, and Wii.




Here's another site with all the information you could need:



Man, Jack Thompson must be getting a hardon by now.

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remember last year when i was going crazy with PS2 homebrew and renting/burning every game? i went through thsi survival horror fix where, long before your "The thing" took up half a freakin memory card, i tried out this one, The Suffering and a slow of others....i couldnt get into it, but i only played the first half hour or so tops. The idea was interesting and pretty dark, it was the engine i couldnt really abide. Did i really miss out?


but yeah, im happy even in principle to see if its a good wii port.

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From AOL's Top 7 Games Your Kids Should Avoid



Manhunt 2 (Wii)

This action game from the makers of Grand Theft Auto caused a media frenzy that lasted for weeks. Why? It's gratuitously violent and requires the player to physically mimic the action on screen, such as jerking the Wii remote downward to shove a pen into an enemy's head. The most gruesome shots in the game have been partially censored, but this is one Wii game that's definitely not for everyone.

Nick...I'm stealing your consol


(I was going to say 'I'm stealing your Wii'...but didn't feel like leaving myself that open so early)

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