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The Last Stand


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The Lsat Stand


this is really fun for a flash game, props to the gaming sites for pointing it out to me. I just beat it, the goal is to survive 20 days, but you gotta have some strategery to make it.

Took me a couple tries to sort it out, but its not overly difficutl when youve got it - have fun, lemme know what you think!

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That game sucks.


Yer ma sucks. Its a free flash game i can play at work, shooting zombies!

dont go tryin' to step up your rep to reclaim instigator '08 with me, son. i appreciate your foresight, tho.


Kotaku is the new Bendis Board.


Manohman, i got no defense. Youre absolutely right; if im not there, im here. Shameless hijacking.

i swear im gonna catch you stalking me on these internets one day, sir.

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