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TV commercial hotties!


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Ok, so there are commercials that cast some eye catching people. Talk or drool about them here.



2008 ford edge commercial, the lady who looks out the sunroof the whole time... adorable.




her name is Cristin Milioti and she also played in 3 episodes on the sopranos according to IMDB.com




*reason for edit, added picture

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I'm having a hard time finding the clip online, but there's this Viagra commercial where the guy and girl are both on the couch watching a baseball(?) game, then the girl (this REAL hot chick) gets up and gives the guy that seductive "I'm in the mood" look and heads upstairs, then the guy grins, and the V appears behind his head like horns, and he sets the TV to record the game and heads upstairs to join the girl. I remember thinking "Goddamn that chick was hot!!!" Anyone remember that commercial? If I can find the clip for it I'll try to post it.

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She annoys me to no end... :sarcasm:


I think the State Farm guy is a cutie...he's apparently a Spanish soap opera star -- I noticed a hint of an accent with the first commercial I saw, then I saw him in a Spanish commercial for State Farm as well.


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