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Rapex: The Anti-Rape Condom


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Rapex: Condom to End Rape?


Caitlin Bailey

Issue date: 10/6/05 Section: Opinions


A new product has been circulating online in the past week: South African inventor Sonette Ehler's "anti-rape female condom," Rapex.




Women can insert Rapex into the vagina for up to 24 hours (the product is relatively cheap, so one could theoretically do this often). The condom has "fish-tooth-like" barbs that would latch onto the penis; this would be extremely painful and could only be removed surgically. Theoretically, the man would need to go the hospital, and the rapist would be discovered and punished. Again.


The device will hit South Africa first, where Yahoo! stated that more than 52,000 rapes occur each year - and analysts believe that if all rapes there were reported, the total would be nine times higher. To do the math for you, that'd be 468,000 rapes in a year.


To put that in perspective, 478,000 people live in Las Vegas. Imagine if every person in that city were raped this year. Sickening, huh?


It's not simply a foreign country's issue, though. The U.S. Department of Justice predicts that a woman is raped every two minutes in the United States. By the time your 50-minute class ends, 25 women will have been raped somewhere. Other statistics report that one in four college women will be sexually assaulted at some point in her college career.


I live in a suite of eight women. If this number were absolute, two of us will be or have already been sexually assaulted before we graduate. Clearly, this is a pretty big problem.


I don't know which is more disgusting: these numbers, or the fact that someone even needs to dream up a product that women would insert daily because the chance of that kind of violation happening is so high.


According to articles on the product, some people have a very real issue with Rapex because it opens women up to even more violence. Think about it. A man goes to rape a woman, only to find himself in searing pain that he can't stop. Chances are he's not going to just get up and walk away to go have a doctor remove the product. He's going to lash out at the woman who put herself into that position. An attempted rape could turn into a successful murder.


Valid point, in my eyes.


I don't have an issue with the product so much as I do the fact that our society has come to the point that a product like that is necessary. Ehler didn't try to stop the problem of rape in South Africa; she tried to make sure a particular rape would stop, and the rapist would be apprehended.


This doesn't solve the issue, though. This just needs to stop. Respect yourself, respect others ... how hard is it to simply listen to your conscience and not violate someone else in that manner?


Forcing women to shove something inside themselves "just in case" almost perpetuates that it is okay if it were to happen as long as that man would be punished.


It shouldn't be happening at all.

I couldn't believe such a product actually existed until I first read about it. They even have a website for it: http://www.rapestop.net

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Heard about this a while ago on the radio. Thought it was already "on the shelves", as it were, for a long while. The threat of violence is a very big drawback for this product. :blink:


On a similar note, anyone seen that movie Teeth?






Probably posted this before, but...


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what if the girl was just a bitch and led you on to have sex then wammo, she anti-raped ya and she actually gave consent... there are bitches like that out there ya know.


You women, that wasnt directed to you... just to the sick in the head bitches.

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I don't have an issue with the product so much as I do the fact that our society has come to the point that a product like that is necessary.

This Caitlin lady sis pretty fucking naive to believe rape is a new phenomenon, or even one that that has made a sharp increase in recent times. the only thing that has gone up is the rate at which it has been reported, and that's a good thing.


I applaud this product.


I'm just wondering if this will increase anal rapes, and if they will then come out with an anal rapex.

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