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Godhand is an awesome b-rated beat-em-up with a ton of things to do and a zany cast of people trying to kill you. I really wish to sell Baytor on why this game was such a sleeper hit, but ive gotta run, so here's the topic: maldron, newt, any of youse who played it, chime in.

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Do you like campy, over-the-top beat-em-ups enough to forgive a somewhat assholish camera? If so, God Hand is fantastic. There's enough technical gameplay and difficulty to make you hate normal mode and hate Hard Mode even more, if you ever bother to try it.


It's zany, it's over the top, It's from the same people that did Okami and Viewtiful Joe, and considering that it's probably only twenty bucks right now, it's worth getting.


Also, This.


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Never did play this one, will hopefully get around to it sometime, but this summer is looking packed, still have to beat GTA IV, bought Persona 3 FEs, still need to beat Lost Odyssey, and then NGII and MGS4 are coming.


I heard the controls were shit, is this true? What is the fighting like? Ninja Gaiden? GOW? DMC?

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Camera and controls take getting used to, but they're there to be mastered more than the enemies are. Learning to position before comboing is just as important as anything else. Which is just a fancy way of saying the controls make you tear your hair out, which is indicative of a poorly controlled game, but it doesn't throw the game beyond redemption.


It's not as much of a "Get used to it" controls as Onimusha, but it isn't as bad as Oni.

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I finally picked this up from best buy a little before christmas. I was interested to be sure, but passed on it when it was 39.99. Passed again when it came down to 19.99 (9.99 was the magic number I was waiting for, and there was precedence for this, as I have often been able to pick up quirky sleeper hits for great prices at best buy, such as GuitarooMan for 9.99 or ZOE2 for 14.99). It became a sort of ritual; Stop by best buy, pick up whatever I was there for, quickly peruse the PS2 section to see what price Godhand was at.


One day I happened to see a bunch of games on a cart in the middle of the eisle. It was during the christmas rush when the store was being flooded with holiday releases. I guess they were desperate to make shelf space, as there was a crude print out on the cart that said:


"Manager's Special! Closeout! All games on this cart $5 or 2 for $2.50 each" (I had to ask if this was a typo "Let me get this straight, I can get one of these games for $5....or TWO of these games for $5?! GWHA?")


Granted, most of it was crap, "Deal or no Deal" for the DS and the like, but much to my pleasant surprise, nestled in the middle of the rack were three copies of Godhand. I ended up grabbing it and one of the KOF games for xbox.


In retrospect, I probably should have just grabbed two copies of Godhand instead, but who cares, I paid 2.50 for it!!

(uhh...Still haven't even opened it though, grrr)

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...finally revisiting this one, since PS2 games are now on sale on PSN, bringing this one, Odin Sphere, Maximo, GrimGrimoire & Red Ring for $10 a piece - awesome starting lineup! shame no upscalling or trophies, but that's what ten bucks gets you, apparently.


just wanted to bump this one and see if anyone else is on it, guess im on a difficult game kick at the moment. speaking of, "Easy" here is "Normal", "Normal" is "Hard" and whatever's above that is god-tier.


also, in case anyone forgot: IGN is complete shit.



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