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So, there's so many threads here about TV shows... but what has each of us seen and how do we really like what we have seen? so here is where we can consolidate everything into one thread. I'll go first.. and what i can remember... btw if you wanna add something please edit your post so it'll be neat. thanks



24 Season 1&2 – 5 of 5

24 Season 3&4 – 3 of 5

24 Season 5 – Don’t care anymore.. Did not complete

Heroes Season 1 - 4 of 5

Heroes Season 2 – 3 of 5

Heroes after… zzz will complete one day

Terminator Sarah Conner blah blah Season 1 & 2… 2.5 of 5 BUT end of S2, 4 of 5

Battlestar Galactiga Seasons 1&2, 4 of 5

Battlestar Galactiga, Season 3, 3 of 5

Band of Brothers – Complete, 4 out of 5

Fastlane - 5 of 5...

Top Gear - 5 of 5, every episode!


Lost Seasons 1&2 – 5 of 5 except for the slow start S1… maybe 4 of 5 (1st half of S1)

Lost Seasons 3-5, 4 of 5

Sopranos: S1-5. 3.5 of 5

Six Feet Under Complete, 4 to 4.5 out of 5

Dead like Me Season 1, 3.5 of 5

Wire Season 1, 4 of 5

Dexter Season 1, 3.5 of 5, Season 2, 4 of 5

The Shield, All Seasons except last one 3.5 of 5

CSI all of it is almost the same - 3.5 of 5

Rome Season 1 - 4.5 of 5

Reality TV:

The Contender Season1, 4.5 of 5

The Contender Season2, 3 of 5

The Ultimate Fighter Season 1, 4 of 5

The Simple Life S1, 2 of 5, but i couldn't help laughing at watching them suffer...


Other TV:

Tales from the Crypt - generally 4 of 5

Scrubs Season 1-2, 4 of 5

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sorry if i was not clear.. this is a thread 2 see common interests in tv within the community here; not a i have this, do you want it thread. feel free 2 ask though. contrary to popular belief, there is stuff i have watched and don't have! ^_^

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ok, so ill add something...copy/pasted from my facebooks:


Rescue Me, Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, Deadwood, The Wire, 24, The Shield, Def Poetry Jam, The Daily Show, Arrested Development (RIP) Firefly ....look, TV rots your brains, and only exists to play Nintendo upon.


that's mostly it. a lotta HBO shows these days, just started up Band of Brothers recently, and so far, its as good as id heard.

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that i currently & regularly watch? not since Space Ghost reruns.

which isnt to say Aqua Teen, South Park and a few others arent worth my time, but i dont catch them regularly; i usually go see them when they're linked or someone tells me i missed something awesome.

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Second season of True Blood (HBO) just started a few days ago. And a new season of Dexter (Showtime) will start up in September if I'm not mistaken. I miss having cable, lol.




(PS I know this a thread for shows you like and have seen, not up-and-coming, but I loooooove those two shows so much! lol)

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Not even Venture Brothers?

Epic win!


TVB is one of the greatest animated series in the history of ever. Just ask Molotov Dr. Girlfriend.


Current shows I'm watching from the convenience of my hard drive:

Heroes S3

In Treatment S2

Rescue Me S5

Royal Pains (first 2 episodes have been great so far)

Southland S1

Spaced S1

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles S2

True Blood S2

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yeah, go ahead and add cartoons, i'm sure we all have some favorites there. i didn't include them cause it might overflow into animation forum territory. please add some kind of rating scale as to how much you liked each season for stuff you watched. and thanks for those that replied! Oh, need to add rome to that list...

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i dont really stick with the episodic stuff, myself.


behind on Rescue Me and the first ep of True Blood season 2. glad a new Dexter's up, last season was good - ray-ray, you dont just torrent the shows like us?


oh, and since spiffy wanted ratings to some stuff:


Rescue Me - 4/5 on seasons 1-3, 2/5 on season 4, 5/5 right now.

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - 5/5, enjoyable whilst you learn shit.

Deadwood - 4/5 only cause it needed another season/movie

The Wire - 5/5, prolly the best show on HBO and that's saying something

24 -4/5 for the first 2 or so seasons, i liked season 5 as well. 2-3/5 for all others.

The Shield - 5/5, best thing FX did.

Def Poetry Jam - 4/5 for most seasons, show's hit or miss by nature but what i saw of season 4 in particular, i loved

The Daily Show - 4/5, Colbert gets lumped in here too

Arrested Development - 5/5, best syndicated comedy

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - 4/5, first few seasons knocked it out of the park, last one dragged sadly.

Firefly - 5/5, set a new bar for sci-fi for me.

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Here's a quick partial list of series I've seen & my ratings for each--fueled by insomnia!!!


24 (S1-S2) = 4/5

30 Rock (S1-S3) = 4.5/5

Arrested Development (S1-S3) = 4/5

Battlestar Galactica S1 & S2 = 5/5

Battlestar Galactica S3 & S4 = 4/5

Breaking Bad S1 = 4.5/5

Breaking Bad S2 = 4/5

Curb Your Enthusiasm (S1-S6) = 4.5/5

Deadwood S1 & S2 = 4/5

Deadwood S3 = 3.5/5

Dexter S1 = 5/5

Dexter S2 & S3 = 4/5

Firefly S1 = 4/5

Heroes S1 = 4/5

Heroes S2 = 3.5/5

In Treatment S1 = 5/5 (This is a 43 episode season, which is double the # of episodes of a network & triple the # of episodes for a cable drama, and it never loses steam.)

How I Met Your Mother (S1-S4) = 4/5

LOST (S1-S5) = 5/5

Pushing Daisies S1 = 4/5

Rome S1 = 5/5

Rome S2 = 4.5/5

Rescue Me (S1-S3) = 4.5/5

Rescue Me (S4) = 3.5/5

Samurai Champloo = 5/5 (complete series is 26 episodes and all are gems save for a recap and one about baseball)

Scrubs (S1-S4) = 5/5

Scrubs (S5-S8) = 4/5

Seinfeld (S1-S9) = 5/5 (Yes, I've seen every episode. Sad but true.)

Six Feet Under (S1-S5) = 4/5

Spaced S1 = 4/5

Star Trek: The Next Generation (S1-S7) = 5/5 (Technically the series surpasses all ratings and really lives somewhere in the realm of geek crack or nerd nirvana)

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles S1 = 3.5/5

The Office (UK) Complete Series is 5/5

The Office (US) (S1-S5) = 5/5

The Shield (S1-S5) = 5/5

The Shield (S6-S7) = 4/5

The Sopranos (S1-S5) = 4/5

The Venture Bros (S1-S3) = 5/5

The Wire (S1-S5) = 5/5 (except for the first half of S4 which was 5billionity outta 5)

True Blood S1 = 3.5/5

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Just recently got done with both seasons of breaking bad. 5/5


Will put more in when i get around to it.


Caught a few episodes of that yeah. Pretty cool. Wierd hearing Hal curse and make crystal meth though heh.


Right now the only thing I'm watching religiously is new eps of Family Guy every wednesday. Prison Break season 3 is being re-run on Fox8 soon so I'll have to catch that, didn't see the end of that season but I hear season 4 isn't great. One show that definitely should have ended after season 2. Such a pity though, I used to be fucking fanatical about that show. I had a look at one of the new eps that are on and I have no idea whats going on.

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i know it is time consuming, but thanks.... really - to all that replied with some ratings of what they've watched! mr h., i'm gonna have to check out In Treatment, since it looks like we like a lot of the same stuff :D i'm sure there's still some stuff i need to add to the list.

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