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I don't know. I feel this is no different than people writing up a black comedy for Fox. Hit all the right buttons, and how can the demographic NOT bring in the ratings? Except it doesn't work that way.

Maybe, but Synder's got credibility with me. Besides, it's nice a few times a year see something directed to the 'fanboy' demographic that's not a remake, reboot, adaptation, sequel, prequel or spin-off. This year, basically all we got as Inception (if you want to call that "appealing to the fanboy demographic"), 2009 we got Cameron's Avatar and Inglorious Basterds. Original scripts for these types of movies can't get studio support unless the writer/director's name is a "brand." Synder is evidently gotten that point in 3 films, so good for him.

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Realized I was ranting a bit too much for the "Last movie you saw" thread. Figured I'd bring the discussion over here.


Here's a bit of my take. Thoughts?

Saw it Saturday night and I was surprised at how much I hated Suckerpunch. Now I had EXTREMELY low expectations going in, and there were tons of resoundingly negative reviews bubbling up in the weeks before its release, so I shouldn't be surprised right?


I was surprised in that I didn't expect to want to like Suckerpunch. I didn't expect the trappings of an interesting story, or at the very least an interesting idea for one.


I expected schlock, and schlock would not be worthy of my ire.


Suckerpunch's most damning fault is that, much to my surprise, there was so much potential in it and yet, in my opinion, it falls completely on it's face.


Oh! And is it just me or

was Babydoll's lobotomy an improvment to her personality?


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I was going o go see it, but the bad reviews were too overwhelming. Had it e been 50% on the tomatometer, I would have chalked it to half the critics, not 'getting it', and say it was likely I'd be in the half that did get it, but at 22%, I'm probably not going to like it, and so far alot of specific critics and friends I trust had said it sucked.

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I caught a brunch showing at the local movie drafthouse here in Houston. You'd be surprised how enjoyable this movie became after a few beers. After the beer buzz was gone we got to discussing the movie and realized the movie just doesn't hold together. The action scenes while fun, I grew tired of by the end of the movie. I really just wanted to see what the hell was going on in the "real world" more. The overall story was there to have an excuse to put together these action scenes not to tell a good story which is sad because I REALLY loved the way the movie started. I was hooked in the beginning as I saw how everything went down to put Babydoll in the asylum.


It did, at times, feel like I was watching an extended music video.

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damn, i wish i was drunk for this one, bindy. color me envious of your experience.


i went w/ panchy, and had lowered expectations as well, and it still managed to disappoint me a bit. the entire pussycat dolls whore house fantasy world was way too boring. however the anime-babe fight scenes were awesome and totally delivered. the steampunk nazi scene and samurai statue demon scenes were my faves, followed closely by the all too brief dragon slaying sequence. the space robot scene was kinda meh though.

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