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Yeah, me neither and I made the damn thing. Either someone's being a dick or I'm a complete idiot.




Ok, I redid it.


Username: hondos_bar

Password: ilovehondos


Something happened that Twitter folks didn't like, I'm guessing. Try this one. Add whomever you like and Tweet to your heart's content.

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I forgot about this one


So I've been running amok on the twitter page. (This one)


So far I've hit the limit that I can follow people (2000) and right now we currently stand at 407. I don't know what that means in Twitter numbers, but hey I'm having fun! But I'm only so creative. If y'all have thoughts, threads, links, quips, anything you want to be thrown up on there shoot them here and I'll relay that to the twitter page. I've shared a few pics, and thrown out some random stuff, but biting isn't strong. I don't wanna be too spammy either, but if it's interesting I say why not go a little nuts. Anyway, throw it up and I'll do the ol' copy paste, unless Nick wants to share the goods too. I'm just making suggestions.

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Haven't been super active on it lately, but I have quite a bit of little advertisement posts linking to various threads. Just a friendly reminder to RT if you can. I don't think they are very spammy in nature and are friendly enough to get attention from other folks. I like hastagging broad interests just to see what happens.


I don't know that it will even do anything, but it's worth a shot. I do a shameless retweet on my own account, but others doing it might help spread the word.

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