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Genetically enhanced shape-shifter Alex Mercer is coming back for a sequel, just not how you think. Activision and Radical Entertainment announced Prototype 2 is now in development, but this time around, players won't become Mercer, they'll become a character on a mission to kill him.


Citing sales of more than 2.2 million copies for the original, Activision said a Prototype sequel is warranted. The studio also revealed that NYC cop and soldier Sgt. James Heller will act as the game's new protagonist:

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"When Prototype surpassed 2 million units we knew gamers would want a sequel to find out what happens next with Alex Mercer," said Ken Rosman, Studio Head, Radical Entertainment. "The team here at Radical is sincerely grateful to the fans and we are laser focused on delivering an even bigger and better experience with Prototype 2."


Prototype 2 is being developed for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PCs. The game is scheduled for release sometime in 2012.


I had a blast with the first one and thought the story was interesting. Hopefully 2 will step things up in the story department (and action of course). I like the idea of a new protagonist going after Alex Mercer to kill him rather than try and build a new story around a character with no more story to tell.

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I disagree completely with everything you just said. It's so much more of the same, plus worse. I feel less in control. The powers are the same, the location is the same. The character of James Heller is relatable all of twice, three times if you count the live-action trailer. The enemies swarm, shrug you off, and dodge so often you have to resort to really simple spam tactics or overbearing ultimates to actually kill things dead.


I was looking forward to P2 more than I2, back when they first came out together. I think I2 has won handily, much to my disappointment. Had they not fired the team that made the first one, who knows what P2 could've been.


Also, this is Plat 73.

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I bought it myself, but Gamefly is more appropriate. Its a short game, and even I'm about to plat it. I don't plat shit! This'll be my first. But yeah don't listen to Maldronian, he's crazy. It doesn't get much more satisfying then throwing some poor schmuck into a crowd of unsuspecting soldiers only to have him explode and drag a bunch of cars towards them with tentacles. Granted I disagree about the whole control thing, but you don't need much when your goal is to smash things aimlessly. This is as close to another good Hulk game we're gonna get (unless of course Radical can get to an Ultimate Destruction 2)

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See, where I disagree is that to get that awesome bomb explosion I gotta press Circle, Then Square to prime the new man-bomb, then hope I don't get hit while I hold R2 and cycle towards the middle of the crowd of soldiers because god help me if I get hit I'm gonna drop my bomb and the whole endeavor will become pointless and then FUCK WHY DOES RIGHT NOT MOVE TO THE NEXT SOLDIER ON THE RIGHT and then throw again with circle.


So instead I dodge towards them and whipfist. Or jump in the air and hold hammerfist.

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Well given my explanation on why my gamer prowess has diminished in some "old man gamer" thread NZA made I think I'm gonna bight the bullet n buy it. I need a good smashemup game since I don't have the patience to play saints row anymore.

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Prototype Dev Radical Entertainment Closed Down



Radical Entertainment, best known for the Prototype series, has been shut down. Rob Bridgett, former audio designer of the studio, confirmed the closure on Twitter with a concise message: RIP Radical Entertainment 1991-2012.

Radical Entertainment was a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision. And apparently, the sluggish sales of Prototype 2 are to blame. Although it topped NPD sales during its month of release, it managed to sell fewer than 250K copies.

Activision explained to Shacknews their decision to close the studio:

Although we made a substantial investment in the Prototype IP, it did not find a broad commercial audience. Radical is a very talented team of developers, however, we have explored various options for the studio, including a potential sale of the business, and have made a difficult conclusion through the consultation process that the only remaining option is a significant reduction in staff. As such, some employees will remain working for Radical Entertainment supporting other existing Activision Publishing projects, but the studio will cease development of its own games going forward.

Although the team has been largely gutted, the PC release of Prototype 2 will still release on time. As per Radical's Facebook page: "For PC gamers, rest assured that the PC version of Prototype 2 is still going to launch on July 24th as planned."



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I'm playin prototype 2 n it reminds me of sega.. Pretty awesome but needs that last lil push to be epic.


I think the should've invested in a game that had a bit more depth and THEN go back to the company staple after a bit longer. I mean what else are they remembered for?

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