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*sigh* you're right, though.


bish often says the good news is you can repress all the weird drug stuff the plot used towards its end, at least. i do wish to relive moments like

the sheer horror of that nurse falling apart in front of you.


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ok, so first things first:


1) it's coming to 360 as well.

2) it's apparently looking to show in 2012 for some reason.


next up, cant recall if we talked about this elsewhere, but Konami's apparently not ponying up royalties to the original voice actors (...), so here's what it's currently sounding like, before being remastered:



there's some rough spots in there, but to be honest, James sounds more insecure, and Maria sounds a bit more aggressive, and both of those things fit 2's narrative so i'm alright with this. Eddie still sounds silly, but i always figured most of that was his dialogue. really curious to hear how 3 sounds.

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if you're mimicking the YTMND, that's from 1, and you know it. still, i'd argue that even though part of it was hammy, 2 is important in its delivery...



parts like Angela confronting her "father", or on the burning staircase, Maria in the cell there, James after she dies (several times), the "confession" if you stay in the hallway and hear about Mary's fate, etc.



maybe it was just the impact it had about 10 years ao, but even when some people mocked the VA here & there, i thought some of it had that subtle delivery i need from a man who's clearly a bit unhinged & searching for his dead wife.


or course, you might be right: if one thing is gonna date this for people (especially guys like Mal who never played it in the day), its gonna be them tank controls.

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Not so much passed as walked into a gamestop and said "There is no fucking way I am paying $40 for a PS2 game."


I have purchased exactly 3 PS2 games for anything above $20. Guitar Hero, God of War 2, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. But that was when all 3 were new and I regretted 2 of them. I also paid $30 for Psychonauts but I don't regret that ever.

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VA was pretty good, esp the Maria/James scene. James even sounds like it MIGHT be the same guy which it can't be due to disputes over royalties for SH2. 2's voice acting was by far the worst part of the game, even though it worked in spite of itself (it was damn alien and creepy, which fit the game's mood.) The big question is going to be whether or not the voices can fit the performances, remember SH2 did the Uncharted thing where the acted out the scenes on a stage for the mo-cap, then animated the faces by hand.


Edit: Ok, listened to the original Jail scene again. Shit that was bad. James, had I never played SH 2 before is laughably bad. I think the game did so well on all other levels that the bad VA just washed away after a while Maria had the best actress, but even she is mediocre by most VA standards. Honestly if they were going for a big name director, get Andrea Romano, no one is better.


Still here is the prison scene:



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^yeah, i too went back & listened to that very scene, and...wow, i forget how low my expectations for VA work were in the PS1 era, that really didn't hold up. good call.


the worst i (and Losifer) said about the new one is that Maria came on perhaps a bit too strong/forced, but again id like to hear her in other bits. Also, more Mary.

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