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13 hours ago, Jables said:

It's a damned shame but I'm not going to knock a creative process that works! 

My feelings exactly. Besides, I'm already one arc behind (I stopped in the 40s somewhere.) and I haven't been on the monthly train in a while. Looking forward to catching up to issue 54 and then picking back up on 55 down the line.

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swear to god I've paid some weird Indie site for issues of some weird barrier book he did with zero knowledge, just his name. BKV literally has yet to disappoint


i struggle to think of nearly as consistent a current comic writer (i wanna say Hickman but there's more of his Indie stuff i need to read)

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series is apparently halfway done (it's going to issue 108!), compendium of the first half dropping 10/16



Vaughan and Staples have said the hiatus will run for a year, minimum, citing a need to recharge their creative energies. The compendium coming in October could mean the team is gearing up for a return soon after. Fingers crossed.


christ i miss this book



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