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The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret

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Shame on you Hondo's, shame, shame, shame. How has nobody seen this? If you have, why the fuck have you not started a thread you fucking cunt?

From wiki

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret is an American-British sitcom starring David Cross, Sharon Horgan, Blake Harrison, Will Arnett, and Spike Jonze. The series is produced by IFC and RDF Television[1] and premiered on October 1, 2010 on IFC. The show comprises two seasons, totaling 12 episodes, broadcast in 2010 and 2012.


The series follows an American, Todd Margaret, who takes a job running the London sales team for the energy drink Thunder Muscle. He has no experience with British culture, knows nothing about sales, and has only one employee, Dave.

Each episode begins with a scene of Margaret appearing in dire circumstances—in season one, he is a defendant in a British court, with a long list of bizarre charges against him being read.

This is without doubt the funniest new show I've seen since...well, Arrested Development. Is it better? Honestly, I can't call it, it's that good. Basically it's a cross between Arrested Development and Peep Show. For those that don't know Peep Show (shame) try The Office (UK), Curb Your Enthusiasm or Alan Partridge.


There are 12 episodes in total, two seasons of 6. I recommend watching it the way I did, over a weekend, like two films.

Also don't ruin it for yourself and go to wiki, it has spoilers, and the story is integral to the jokes.


Here's some clips


Todd trying to convince Dave, this was the kitchen in the hospital (he also claims he grew up in said hospital)


Todd trying to advertise his energy drink during the Remembrance (Memorial) Day parade.

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I watched the first Ep of this and tried recording all of them cause I wanted to have a marathon, but just never got around to it and cleared out the dvr. Gonna try it again on Netflix though, as I really like what I saw of it.

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I quite like it, but in my opinion its not quite as good as you're making it out to be.


David Cross is excellent as ever in it, however.

I watched the first season and quite liked it. I don't think it's in the same league as Arrested Development, but it's still a very funny show.

In hindsight I think ye are overrated.

I can accept somebody saying it's not as good as Arrested Development though.


Good pimping Eamonn. Legitimate segue: Blake Harrison is excellent here and if you haven't you should check out The Inbetweeners.

Yeah, Inbetweeners is another classic that needs some pimpin' on Hondo's.

eh, i'll just wait on me care package, i'm sure it'll bring this as well!


*pats mailbox* any day now.

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