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anyone else reading this besides me & panch? i'm admittedly a bit late to the ninja turtle party but this shit's a lotta fun, and it might be my favorite take on them so far (barring the original violent book that this more closely follows, i wanna say?). the catch: they're not aliens this time, but they are the reincarnated sons of Splinter from the samurai era where Shredder had them all killed. i don't know how that works reading it here but it flows in the book, anyway.


really enjoyable if you're down for some TMNT. the book got me watching the '03 series as well.

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If they wanted to do a take on the Turtles as non mutants they should do some kind of Kappa demon spawn or some shit. I'd buy that quicker than aliens, or even the reincarnated thing, cause it does sound silly immediately reading like you said. But if it gels in the book I guess it would matter much. This series does look pretty badass too.


More importantly, do they eat pizza here?

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oh, don't misunderstand - they're mutants, and enjoy pizza. it's not a very big break, i was just setting up the lore they have in the background go give their fight a bit more weight.


it's 15 issues in at this point, and seeing some of your favorite stuff work its way into this story is really cool too.

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Shit, didn't even know there was a new book. I downloaded and read a lot of the original run, it wasn't exactly as ground breaking as I'd heard/hoped, but it was still fun. I'm always down for more TMNT in my life though.


Oh and Nick, great to hear you're watching the '03 show, it was just far superior to the 90's show in every way and along with the first turtles movie and the most recent cgi one, it's my favourite incarnation of the Turtles in any medium.

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I downloaded and read a lot of the original run, it wasn't exactly as ground breaking as I'd heard/hoped


Compared to all the other self published comic books from the mid-80's you've read, right?


Those early TMNT books were, first and foremost, a parody of what was big in comics at the time. They weren't trying to set the world on fire, they were making fun of The New Mutants (the first X-Men spinoff), Cerebus (himself originally a funny animal parody), and Daredevil.

Shit, Murdock is in the first issue, their origins are interwoven. The Foot? The Hand? Geddit? Just a goofy parody.


But, like Cerebus, things took a left turn at Albuquerque and it became more. Not as much more, but still. The black & white indie hero boom of the 80's was LITTERED with shit. Every talentless retard with a stupid idea was spending their tax return to publish a comic.


History has wiped much of it from existence. Casually looking back or learning about comics on the internet, you will be blissfully

unaware of them. But if you were looking through quarter boxes at any point in the 80's or 90's, you would stumble across the shoddily printed corpses of someone's stupid dream pretty often. TMNT definitely broke some ground

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Cool, I'm always up for reading shite. If they're any good ones in there though, be sure and let us know.


Black Belt Hampsters and Chameleon Commandos were cash-ins on TMNT, they came after the fact. Loggins is right.


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I think having Donatello there saying how it sounded like bullshit really helped.


Just finished Vol. 3 also. Now I can totally get behind this if it is the basis for the movie reboot. "Everything old is new again" never fit anything else so well to me.


is that a saying? it should be

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anyone else still on this book? "City Fall" has been great fun so far, like a more appropriate Shadowland, or a really good story you'dve come up with with your figures as a kid. Consistently a fun book, even if i don't care for the most recent artist (if done wrong, i think actually drawing turtles' eyes outside of the bandanas looks as bad as wolverine.gif through his mask - if you can't really do it, just white them out, it looks way better i think)

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Mainly for Nemo? Not the girl with the TMNT username and signature and avatar? NO IT'S COOL, I UNDERSTAND. *dramatic sniffle*


Oh farts! I messed up BIG TIME. I think gotta call out the big guns for this kind of mea culpa...




Also, where are the other 15k emails, Benghazi, the cyber, locker room talk...



Seriously tho, my bad. Turtle power!



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