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Finished both parts, they are really well done. In the long run, I could probably do without the Dax Shepherd voice.

Funny shit though and some really good points made. I've never actually sat down and watched Phantom Menace. After an 80 minute review, I now feel more up to speed than ever.

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That's shameful that Hondo's had no Plinkett thread until now. Thanks for rectifying the situation, Tulip! But I'm pretty sure his stuff has shown up elsewhere, maybe blargh b/c I'm like 80% sure it was Newt that first turned me on to the reviews.


Anyway, the only one I reallydidn't care for was his Abrams Star Trek review. The rest are gold. And the Crystal Skull one is a gem.



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RedLetterMedia is a motion picture production company headed by Milwaukee-based independent filmmaker Mike Stoklasa, previously of GMP Pictures, as well as Jay Bauman, formerly of Blanc Screen Cinema. Stoklasa attracted significant attention in 2009, through a 70-minute video review of the 1999 film Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The review was posted in seven parts on YouTube, and presented by his character "Harry S. Plinkett". While Stoklasa had published other video reviews for the Star Trek films in The Next Generation series prior to this, The Phantom Menace and subsequent Star Wars prequel reviews were praised for both content and presentation.


Stoklasa's reviews have been considered part of an emerging art form that hybridize mashup with video essays, as they use a combination of footage from the movie in question, other related sources (such as clips from the original Star Wars trilogy movies for his Phantom Menace review and clips from documentaries about the production of the film), still images including title cards, and short, live-action segments. The combination of the Mr. Plinkett character and other elements used to present the reviews have been considered "a very clever attack on a certain kind of dumbass fanboy style of film reviewing".


The reviews have also been criticized by some Star Wars prequel fans. Stoklasa stated that he feels "Star Wars to some people is like a religion so they respond to attacks on it as such." One person had posted that he would punch Stoklasa if they ever met,while another wrote a 108-page point-by-point rebuttal of the Phantom Menace review, which Stoklasa mocked in a video that announced that his Revenge of the Sith review was online


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I saw their Star Trek movie reviews years ago. They were half an hour long and had incredible levels of insight and detail which I really liked. The hook was the reviewer pretends to be a creepy old man. Is that still the case?


I can only imagine the Prometheus one is negative. Maddox set the bar with this for the most meticulous dismantling of a movie I've seen in a blog.

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The hook was the reviewer pretends to be a creepy old man. Is that still the case?


He still does that.


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