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Rob Liefeld Confirms That An X-FORCE Movie Has Been In The Works Since March



Comic creator Rob Liefeld is know for creating edgy Marvel characters such as Deadpool, Cable and Domino. He has also written an X-Force comic in the past, and he just confirmed that a movie is development...


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By TheDailySuperHero - 7/12/2013



Since yesterday, the Internet has gone X-Force crazy with news and rumors. Former X-Force writer Rob Liefeld has now taken to Twitter to confirm that an X-Force movie has been in the works since March.






Is Fox giving an X-Force movie a full green light at their SDCC 2013 panel in Hall H on July 20? Fans everywhere are now waiting (im)patiently.


Read more at http://www.comicbook...vtu1RCVpCk8J.99






SDCC '13: Jeff Wadlow Talks 'X-FORCE', Says He's 20 Pgs Into First Draft



"Kick-Ass 2" director Jeff Wadlow talks X-Force ahead of today's SDCC panel for 20th Century Fox. Says he's a fan of classic X-Force tales and the more current Uncanny X-Force run. Who should be included on the team's roster?


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By Mark Julian - 7/20/2013


"Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow is currently writing the script for an "X-Force" adaptation and confirms that he hopes to direct the film when he finishes the screenplay. Said Wadlow, “I’m pretty deep into it,” Wadlow told me during an exclusive interview. “I have the whole story completely worked out. I’m about 20 pages into my draft. If I wasn’t promoting Kick-Ass, I would probably have a draft [already], but Kick-Ass is going to slow me down just a little.”


Wadlow refused to reveal who would be included on the team's roster (at times, both Wolverine, Cyclops, Cable and others have led the squad) but did tease, "Here’s the thing, I love the current run of Uncanny X-Force. I love the classic run. Part of my take was addressing this idea that X-Force can be many different things, and that’s what got the studio excited. I think the fans will be excited, too.”


Would you want to see the old Rob Liefeld era team, the more recent Wolverine led squad or a mixture of both?


Read more at http://www.comicbook...fy2QoXomy2U4.99

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wait, so it is Stabforce getting the flick? maybe that's where Deadpool goes now?


could be fun, but im bummed if Cable gets left out. when i heard this i thought they were talkin original lineup, had me thinking Liefeld was gonna pay to have them CG edited into being his own WildC.A.T.s flick.

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Cable and Deadpool will appear in X-Force movie



With an X-Force movie now confirmed to be in development, many fans have been wondering what version of the X-Force will be making it to the big screen. The original X-Force team included Boom Boom, Cable, Cannonball, Domino, Feral, Shatterstar and Warpath. Deadpool was also featured in early issues of the X-Force. Now we have information from Rob Liefeld about who is in the movie.


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By KingTrav33 - 7/12/2013



Here is and excerpt from Comicbook.com from Rob Liefeld about the potential members in the X-force movie:


X-Force creator Rob Liefeld, who earlier confirmed that an X-Force movie was in development, has also clarified at least two of the teams members that will be featured. Rob Liefeld tweeted, “I can pretty much eliminate some sites suggestion that the Milligan X-Statix stuff is in the mix. An X-Force film is Cable. Is Deadpool.”


As far as who will play the roles of Cable and Deadpool, Rob Liefeld tweeted, “Ryan Reynolds IS DEADPOOL! Cable could be many…”


Read more at http://www.comicbook...j9ylhCiHDuyC.99

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Deadpool Will Star in X-Force, Plus More on the Future of the X-Men Film Universe


Logan truly feels like the end of an era for the X-Men movies. Not just because Hugh Jackman is leaving the character behind, but because it comes at a time when the franchise itself feels up in the air. X-Men: Apocalypse disappointed, Deadpool wowed, and TV entry Legion is surprising. Who knows what’s next?


Simon Kinberg does. He’s the executive producer of Legion. He produced Logan, as well as Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse. And he’s the rumored frontrunner to direct the next X-Men movie. Recently, he spoke to Deadline and dropped some revealing updates on all things X-Men movies. We’ll start with the non-spoiler stuff before getting into the Logan ramifications. Here’s the overview:



We are working hard on New Mutants, Gambit with Channing Tatum, Deadpool 2 and the new X-Force movie where Deadpool is alongside Cable and other main characters.


That may be the first time we’ve heard definitively that Deadpool will be in the X-Force movie, though it was obviously the assumption. As for what that film will be, Kinberg continued:


X-Force is a combination of Deadpool, and Cable –they’re like the Black ops of the X-Men. They’re much darker and have an R-rated decibel. There are other X-Men characters coming into X-Force at different times in the comic, but it’s separate from X-Men.


Of course, we recently heard Joe Carnahan is writing a script for X-Force and while he doesn’t mention that, the way Kinberg talks about it, he seems to expect it to happen fairly quickly. Definitely before a third Deadpool movie at least. But, we guess, X-Force is kind of its own Deadpool sequel in a way.


Oddly, when asked the order of what’s next movie-wise, Kinberg mentioned Deadpool 2 and X-Force but not New Mutants, which many assumed would be next to go into production after Deadpool 2. That may still be the case and maybe it just slipped his mind, but it’s interesting to note.


Kinberg then explained that while there is a plan for the movies to connect, that is not their main goal.


There is a larger architecture to tell these stories in. I talk to the studio all the time about this and there is a plan for how these movies can connect and be a part of a larger narrative. It’s something that’s fun, exciting and it will be interesting to see how we marry the different tones that we’ve been generating in these standalone movies of the X-Men universe. But we go into making the best movie we can. It’s not just about a Colossus or Deadpool cameo. Connecting all of these movies will happen when it organically makes sense. These movies aren’t simply being built as stepping stones to a larger story. Each one is wholly enclosed and a movie worth seeing.


The writer-producer also doesn’t deny the rumors that he could direct the next X-Men movie, whenever that would be, but he doesn’t confirm them either.




part of me gets why Deadpool's overexposure works as FOX's cash cow, but it bums me out a bit that we're delaying deals to work with marvel.


more good news though:


Zazie Beetz is Domino




she was great in Atlanta! can't wait to see how she does here.

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