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Favorite Movies of 2015


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So maybe this one is a little more redundant than say Video GOTY since we are kinda always updating this space with what we watch, and we don't really (at least not last year) do that in games. But still whatcha got? Anything we may have missed. I know Baytor has some good ones up his sleeve ( I still need to see that Kurt Russel monster western!).


Birdman and Nightcrawler were two standouts for me, (Though I think maybe both of those are considered 2014?). Mad Max of course was fucking amazing. I didn't hate Age of Ultron like most, but Marvel's best was Ant Man this year. But I think The Hateful 8, just barely making it into this year, made it to the top of my list.

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I had a pretty good time at the movies this year! Some highlights for me were (in no particular order):


-Mad Max

-The Martian

-Inside Out

-Jurassic World


-Trainwreck (love Amy Schumer and Bill Hader!)

-Star Wars


Solid, solid list. I've seen all of those except forSpotlight, which I really want to see.


As for my list, I'll need to think on it. I've saw something like 70 films in 2015. Off the top of my head though, these will definitely make my TOP 10: Mad Max: Fury Road, Steve Jobs, Star Wars: the Force Awakens, Inside Out, & The Peanuts Movie.

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Didn't see a lot of movies this year but here goes:


15. Jurassic World

14. Ant-Man

13. Chappie

12. Chappie

11. Chappie

10. Chappie

9. Chappie

8. Chappie

7. Chappie

6. Chappie

5. Krampus

4. What We Do in the Shadows

3. Bone Tomahawk

2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

1. Mad Max: Fury Road

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I only saw two movies in the theater this year: Stars Wars (I saw this one alone) and the last of the Hunger Games films.


I really wanted to see The Big Short since I have read Michael's Lewis' books, but it didn't work out so I will catch it in a few months at home.


It's hard for Lissette and me to find a babysitter.

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I'd actually like to know what your full thoughts were on it Baytor. I wanted to see it, but pretty much everyone else has said it sucked.


I'm probably gonna cover it next month, I'm trying to get a lot of the ones I enjoyed in 2015 out of the way since they're in my head. It totally is a violent swear-filled remake of Short Circuit, but I have no earthly idea why anyone considers that a bad thing.

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The BEST 2015 movies I saw (not many) I thought were Mad Max and Force Awakens.


Biggest disappointments, for me - Jurassic World. A shallow, shameless, silly remake of the first JP - minus that sense of wonder and movie magic.


Ant-Man. I thought it was a pretty hollow venture.


Ex-Machina...it was highly recommended to me, but I thought it fell flat - but only because I had figured out what was going on within the first 15 minutes! It was like an hour-and-a-half episode of the Twilight Zone and I completely understood what the situation was and how it would play out the entire time.

Kinda like the Sixth Sense, you're just watching things play out if you'd figured out Bruce Willis is a ghost before the characters and the intended audience does.



I haven't seen all 2015 had to offer - still want to see Hateful 8. I love Tombstone and Red Dead Redemption - that flick looks like it'd be right up my alley.

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Cartel Land was one of, if not the best thing I saw all year.


Other stuff I saw and digged was:

The Lobster

The Martian

Inside Out

Train Wreck (Fucking awesome, went in wanting to hate it, came out loving it)

Star Wars (Not a trekkie at all, but I loved it)



Straight Outta Compton


Am super fucking excited to see Anomalisa at some stage early this year.

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Even less so than the same statement in regards to the new Star Wars, I don't get the "it was a rehash of Jurassic Park" complaint. That was kinda the point, do they literally need to flash the letters "meta-commentary" across the screen in their plot about a group of people trying to spice up the Jurassic Park franchise because people are bored of the same old dinosaurs?

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