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James Purefoy (Rome, The Following) and Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire) star in this Quentin Tarantino meets Banshee meets True Blood(without the supernatural element)-ish show that has become my new favorite of the moment. Also, Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) is in this (need I say more).


It's a 6 episode first season, but only 3 eps have come out so far. It's frickin' great, guys. Get on it.


Did I mention Christina Hendricks?

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Hap and Leonard is based on a series of novels by Joe R. Lansdale (writer of the Bruce Campbell old-man-Elvis-versus-a-mummy-in-a-nursing-home movie Bubba Ho-Tep which was originally a short story.)


The first book Savage Season, on which this season is based) is decent but the books get better after it. Season 2 is gonna be good and season 3 should be spectacular. But those last 3 episodes should be pretty great, stuff is about to go down.


You guys should also check out Cold in July. Same writer, same director, same screenwriter but it's got a great John Carpenteresque score, Don Johnson as a pig-farming private investigator, and Michael C. Hall with a mullet.

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2 hours ago, Axels said:

Any way I finally finished season one and goddamn this show is good. Season 2 is going well also. They need to get S3 up on netflix. Damn shame it won't be coming back for a 4th season though.


Well Keef, you have an opportunity that a lot of Hondonians don't because you work in a used bookstore in Texas where Joe R. Lansdale books litter the streets.  Last time I was in you guys' mystery section was an embarrassment of riches in regards to Joe R. Lansdale books, particularly Hap and Leonard.

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