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Feast your eyes on the map of Red Dead Redemption 2 (if this leak is in fact real)! Rumors are that it will be a prequel, supported by the map not extending as far west (in fact, the western most portion of RDR2's map is the Eastern most portion of RDR's map). The Tall Trees and Great Plains areas from RDR one can be seen in the southwest corner of the map, including the city of Blackwater. I went ahead an did an overlay of the two maps to get a sense of scale (see below). Certainly larger than RDR, but honestly I was kinda hoping for a much larger world map, as exploring was my favorite part of RDR. Still super excited if this is real!



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Leaked map









E3 can't come quick enough.


And if this is a prequel, like the link claims, then I would rather not see John back as the main character. I love him to death (hehe) but I would rather him stay as the great protagonist from the first game. A cameo? Oh definitely, but I'd prefer a new character to play as. I kinda hope they stick to just one also, instead of the 3 like in GTA V.


I'm just super psyched to play another entry though.

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