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Hey All,


I've been given admin powers again to try to help Nick with the transition over to the latest version of IPB. I will be using these newfound powers to try to upgrade / port over various skins / features if at all possible. I will also be trying to keep things working a bit better around here as far as the innards of the site goes.


This being said, unless it's a stupid minor change here or there (which I'm notorious for), I will try to keep a log of everything that has gone on, and my various actions taken.


For starters, I have been given access to an FTP account, and I have already used it to make a small change to the site (which I will detail in my next post, which will follow immediately after this one).


Anyway, I hope to be of some use.


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At approximately 1:30 AM CST, I noticed that we had a large amount of guests on the boards at once. I quickly noticed that the majority of them were from the same IP range (which I will not disclose publicly*), and that they were, in fact, sequential IP addresses. This is a bad sign, as it means they are either:

  1. Spam bots
  2. Attackers

I blocked the entire IP range, and the number of guests dropped dramatically. I also copied the robots.txt file to what I believe is the appropriate folder, so hopefully that won't be an issue anymore.


I will continue to monitor for suspect IP address ranges, and will repeat the process in the future, if needed.



* Some people get litigious if you mention that they might be doing something bad. I'm sure mentioning their IP range explicitly might piss some bad people off.

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spam-bot makers can sue for libel?

I doubt it would have any merit, but the big one from the last time we were hit has threatened people with legal action for daring to suggest that their botnet was a botnet. Just don't want to risk that.
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Today was the great upgrade adventure.

The front page is nearly complete, and should work well on mobile and desktop. Most of the other skins will be done in this fashion to insure that everything remains comparable cross-platform. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the signatures to work once per page rather than per topic, but the database is very poorly documented, so I'm shooting blind on that one.

I will continue creating / recreating themes for each subforum in the coming days/weeks/whenever I have a chance. Like I said, it looks like much of the heavy lifting has been done there. I won't roll out a new skin until I'm sure it looks good. I've also created local copies of all the skins we had prior to the update, so I will stripmine those for images/color schemes/etc.

This will be fun, and is going well so far! Night everyone


Edit: Ok, so maybe not the color schemes. Regardless, I will do what I can to make them interesting.

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And in today's tech support news:


I'm editing a lot of posts.





Ok, to clarify, whenever I come across a post that has a malformed youtube embed (or whatever else), I'm fixing it. All I'm doing is copying the offending code and pasting it where it should go. If this angers anyone, I'll stop, and I understand completely. Obviously, I can't sift through 400k+ posts, so I'm just doing them as I see them, and usually only on the most recent page of a thread.


In the event that I fix a post, I will give a reason for editing at the bottom (I think everyone can see that) that'll usually say something like "Fixed video".

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maaan that's a herculean task right there...Im still waiting to hear back from IPB about a bulk fix for it, but for my end, I don't think anyone will mind if you just fix as you go & skip the commenting, anyone that sees an older post with a working video & your tag should know!

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43 minutes ago, Axels said:

There's a weird thing with the art gallery on desktop where it shrinks in on itself. Literally. Like the gallery just shrinks and shrinks. Its really weird. I'm on chrome for reference. 


Same! I sent NZA a video of it happening so he could see what was up. So weird! I'm using Edge on Windows 10.

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Alright, new problem!


The Insane Music Videos thread was bogging down to an extreme level (it took over a minute to load on my end, and I know it was taking @Da Cap'n 2099 a while to get it (if at all)). It turns out a post by @Iambaytor on January 13, 2016 eventually bugged out and became a series of embedded iframes that would load the Insane Music Videos thread again, which would then load that particular post (with the bugged out iframes), which would load the page AGAIN, and so on and so forth until the browser gave up.


I have ended the infinite loop and will try to repair the videos. I'm sorry I had to edit someone else's post, I don't like doing that, and I will try to restore the original content (minus the infinite loop) as soon as possible. Thank you.


double edit: the original embed code became so corrupted that I was unable to restore the original content. I have no idea what went wrong, but it was likely something to do with how they were embedded at the beginning (not Baytor's fault, mind you, just something odd). I'm sorry. :(

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haha! oh man, i appreciate stilly's integrity here.  if i come across a 3-4 year old+ post that's causing trouble? i edit it to nothingness without a 2nd thought, cause no one has time for that shit! 


i remember feeling bad about that kinda thing.  i remember being an admin who sweated minor details no one paid attention to & felt bad about the consequences of trees falling down when no one notices. 



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That's what I've got.


So here's my theory on the issue, because this is as good a place as any. There are several tiers of members / mods on Hondo's with different levels of permissions:


  • "Voyeurs" or guests 
    • Guest accounts that either never posted, or registered but never followed up.
  • Standard Member
    • The common rabble. Most of these are people from the long long ago.
  • "Veterans"
    • The majority of the people who post nowadays. People who have been around forever.
  • Mods / Drunken Deputies
    • Mods who have been around forever as well, but don't have admin privileges.
  • Me
    • I have a combo of mod and (some) admin privileges. I have access to the AdminCP. Throw a star next to this, because I'm coming back to it.
  • The NZA
    • The all-knowing, all-seeing, Eye of Sauron that lords over Hondo's. He alone has all admin privileges.
Ok, so. I believe that the ability to merge posts / threads is somewhere in the User Group permissions settings. I've been there a lot, and I combed through it like hell the last time this came up (and I worked there extensively during the upgrade last year). Long story short, if the permission exists and can be applied to a user group, I do not have access to that setting.
The only person would be The NZA, but I'm not sure if he knows where to look. Because I cannot see the setting, I can't really tell him where to look because it's effectively a blind goose chase at this point.
It used to be a setting that was available to me, but the upgrade put certain things behind another layer of lock and key. The fun part is, I can edit any other user group except The NZA's or my own, which makes sense, but it would be nice to give myself more "power", but I can see how that opens up things for abuse, etc., etc., etc.
So basically:
I want to fix it, but my hands are tied at this level.
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aw man, i thought i gave you full access? ill mess with this tomorrow, because you should be able to see/do exactly what i do at this point! 


really, you've had a solid decade or so to get revenge for hondoshare, so i'm pretty sure we're in the safe here


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