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Halloween/Horror Music

alive she cried

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'Tis the season.


We all watch more horrors in October, but Liam and I tend to listen to horror/atmospheric music as well.


Here's a great band I discovered recently, the best way to describe them is if Johnny Cash was a goth. 



And here's the Spotify playlist we've compiled so far for yeer listening pleasure. Anybody got any good, dark suggestions to add?




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^ What he said.


I'd love to hear both. Although when I started the thread it was with horror songs more so than horror themes I was thinking of. In my mind we're hypothetically making a playlist for a Halloween party. (though an ultra nerdy, open to all kinds of music kind of party) So a smattering of what Axels posted above (love it by the way), but more so leaning towards, I Put a Spell on You, Bela Lugosi's Dead and The Coffinshakers up there.

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23 hours ago, Iambaytor said:

Okay before I proceed I need to understand, do you want scary atmospheric music or music in the Halloween vein.  Cause I can give you a ton of horror movie music that is on theme but not terribly spooky.

I'm always on board for some horror theme scores too. Always have a few thrown in for good measure!

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