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Cowboy fight!


Who would win?  

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Hmm, this is a NO GUNS fight. that aughta settle some issues right there.


So who wins this one? I've noticed that the Duke had a lot more fistfights in his movies, but I've also noticed that Clint won more of his (Unforgiven being the only loss, I remember).


Of course this isn't a fight between two actors. It's a fight between their onscreen cowboy personas, which vary, but still have common threads.


I'm sure there'd be a lot of wrangling over just what their on screen personas were etc etc but any explanation more complicated than that will get this thread landed in the Philosophy thread, and I think we can both agree that true cowboys don't have time for figuring out the height of the sun and all that wanky shit.


I have to say that I want to see more of these kindsa post in Fight Club rather than, "How much does Spongebob love IC?"

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You people are crazy, tho Jumbie has a point on Clint: he's dead clever at times.

But look a bit closer - Fistfull of Dollars, A Few Dollars More, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, High Plains Drifter, (i wanna say Pale Rider?), Unforgiven...Clint got his ass whooped in each of these flicks at least once - granted, in Good & Ugly it was just being dragged through the desert by Tuco but that still sucks.

Now, i've seen a lot of John Wayne flicks. The Duke has less realistic film on his side - for one, i cant recall a real ass whoopin he's suffered outside of mabye the Quiet Man when he wouldnt fight. If he's beaten, its cause someone snuck up (loudly) behind him with a gun. Even in barfights when he gets a stool broken on his back and punched in the eye like three times he doesnt scar, unlike Clint's flicks where he keeps em the rest of the movie.

That, plus the Duke's got this trademark, poorly-choreographed amazing right cross that knocks out anybody with one punch, and often sends them through windows, bars, etc. He's slow but a heavy hitter, and Clint..man i cant recall seein him hand-to-hand much at all in his westerns, it wasnt his style most times.

I love Eastwood but The Duke takes this one.


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See, you guys arent even thinkin this through - didnt Jumibe ask that the fight be their movie characters, and hand-to-hand? Have you people even seen a Duke movie?

Clint's clever but pulls of his stuff with a gun/rifle. Name me a western where he held his own hand to hand - im thinkin bout it, but even Outlaw Josey Whales he was strapped the whole time.

Jumbie - i didnt do this kinda cowboy thread before becasue not many people here have seen a lot of westerns, figured itd be kinda unbalanced. I mean, at least cite a flick or somethin...

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But he's so sloooooow


Clint got beat up sure. When it was him against a whole gang.


But this fight is mano a mano. Sure, the duke can throw a mean punch, but it'll only connect a coupla times. and Clint is tough enough to take those few.


On the other hand, Clint'll be able to hit that tubby sonovabitch till kingdom come, dancing all around him.


Think Foreman and Ali...

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Wait, i thought we were talkin bout their movie personas...

cause Clint doesnt do anything fast, he's cool about takin his time. Also, the ass-whoopin's he suffered in For a Few Dollars More, Good Bad & Ugly, Unforgiven, and i think High Plains Drifer too...they were all in one-on-ones.

Yeah, the Duke is slow, but youre puttin a cowboy who brawled in almost all his flicks against one im havin a hard time remembering seeing him throw a punch...

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(ill take the sheriff comment as a compliment, unless i got a deputy now...?)


Basically, the Duke plays the same role in almost all his flicks, so if you wanna incorporate his persona in the movie ones, go ahead, dont see why not, i think he's a cowboy in all of em anyway. Clint's Dirty Harry isnt too far a strech, but im thinkin that itd work best if we did another poll for that stuff, try to focus on the :D ones here if ya can.

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I useta ask this one to random people on the streets of Dublin when I was locked and if they didn't say the Duke they got an earfull. I noticed that girls mostly went with the Duke, while the guys went for Eastwood mostly.


Yeah Clint is cool and all but John Wayne is the ultimate cowboy. If there was any justice in the world he'd be winning this by a landslide...oh well...can't win 'em all I 'spose.


You want that gun, pick it up. I wish you would.

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Hah! Im meetin 2T at Hondo's, drink's on me.

Rio Bravo line, fuck i gotta go watch that one again. Here's one for ya:


"...You're a low down, dirty liar, and somebody oughta belt you one in the mouth.

But I won't. I won't....the hell i won't!"

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