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This is a thread about the greatness of Studio Ghibli, the people responsible for Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away (dyin to see that one), Grave of Fireflies, etc.

Ill talk more about some of there lesser known greats like My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Deilvery Service etc later. For now...






Spiffy - i know which ones are Mononoke, Fireflies, Laputa, Nausicaa (havent watched yet), On Your Mark, Totoro & Kiki's. What are the rest of them and which ones do you & Chi-chan recommend?

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Great work. Of course I've only seen Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and Grave of the Fireflies. IC, I have a nice quality 625MB version of Spirted Away on my comp (subbed). I know you don't have the room to download it, since if you did, you'd have accepted my offer for the Cowboy Bebop movie, btu I recommend to you to burna bunch of your mp3s to CD, delete them, accept my transfer of Spirited Away, burn that, then you can move your mp3s back onto your hard drive. The offer for both movies still stands. Just give me the word when we're both online (it happens pretty often).


If I've seen PM, SA, and GotF, what would be the best Miyazaki movie to see next?

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Jax - are they good quality? Im thinkin, maybe towards the weekend ill make some more room (if even for the time being, then i can burn em to VCD) and take you up on your offer. Rest assured your SNL ones are only waiting here till i can afford s'more 700 meg cd's.


Ok...for one, you might be able to find On Your Mark on Kazaa. Its a really well done anime music vid of theirs from my understanding, but not nearly as long/big as the other movies. Matter of fact if were trading i can just send it, its about 66 megs and great quality.

As for the others...bear in mind, youve prolly seen some of the more serious ones. Mononoke (and certainly Grave) are a far cry from My Neighbor Totoro. I havent seen Spirited Away, but i understand its more light-hearted, no? You seem to be able to enjoy stuff of that nature as well, so Totoro and Kiki's are both good, Laputa's a cool one that ill finish tonite. It looks like some are really made for younger audiences but ill sift through the set and find which are the better ones.

For me, watching Totoro was like...like what the core of say Disney stuff was supposed to be: its fun, but not in a blatantly commercialized way.

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Mononoke, Fireflies, Laputa, Nausicaa (havent watched yet), On Your Mark, Totoro & Kiki's


those are pretty much the ones chihiro recommends. try out the flying piggy one and the one that's on the totoro disc, seems aadil liked those two. i didn't think kiki's was too hot, but i'm an action junkie. didn't make it through totoro either. fell asleep!


what i have watched from beginning to end: kiki's, laputa, nausicca, monoke, grave of fireflies, spirited away and on your mark.

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I would not say that Spirited Away is light-hearted at all. It's a real trip. It's surreal and nonsensical at times, but not ina light hearted way. It's definitely not as heavy hearted as GotF, but about the same as Mononoke. Can you send me the SNL Jeopardy ones via ICQ? My number is 95945685. The minute you want Spirited Away or Cowboy Bebop (yes, they are both fine quality), just give the word.

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Spiffy - youre horrible, those 2 were good..but no not in an action sense at all. Ill try the others soon.


Jax - My ICQ # should be on my profile...ive made some hard drive space, was thinkin it might be cool to make VCD's of those 2 you mentioned...gimme a bit to make sure i gots enough room (how big are the files?) and we'll try to trade later this week/weekend if youre about.

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I just watched Laputa: Castle In The Sky. Excellent stuff. Nothing as incredible as Mononoke, Spirited or Fireflies, but pretty good.


I'd just like to point out that I was laughing throughout this movie and anyone who speaks Spanish or even know the most basic Spanish dirty word probably would. Hehehe...Laputa...La Puta...hehehe.


Here's a list of Studio Ghibli's popular movies.


Nausicaä of the Valley of the Winds

Laputa: Castle in the Sky

My Neighbor Totoro

Grave Of The Fireflies

Kiki's Delivery Service

Only Yesterday

Porco Rosso (Crimson Pig)

Pom Poko

On Your Mark

Whisper of the Heart

Princess Mononoke

Spirited Away

The Cat Returns

And coming soon (2004)...Howl's Moving Castle


Anyway, most of these film were directed by Miyazaki, but a few, including Grave Of The Fireflies, were directed by Takahata, the other superstar of Studio Ghibli. I got this info from a good website for us Japanese-Language-impaired folk: Nausicaa.com. Check out the Ghibli 101 page for...Ghibli 101.

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Well, I thought it might be a good idea to get this thread going again mainly because of some discussions Nick and I were having last night. Ghibli has made some incredible films, and it's a shame that some of them fall through the cracks. Of the less popular ones I'd probably have to give a shout out to


Porco Rosso:


Kiki's Delivery Service:


Whisper of the Heart:


are often overlooked, and are just amazing. Ghibli films always stand out to be as films with an amazing amount of heart, and (with one major exception) leave you feeling great after watching them. Whisper is different form what we usually think of with Ghibli, but it is really a hell of a film.


I still hope we one day get releases of Only Yesterday and I can hear the Ocean, but I'm not hopeful.

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word :P


but to avoid annoying george I will say that he's right, all the films are pretty much feel good films on some level and always leave you with that warm fuzzy feeling, grave being the obvious expection. Stuipd ghibli and Miyazaki in paticular excel at weaving fantastic fairy tales(even whisper follows the basic idea though it is set in the 'real' world.)BTW if anyone cares about Nadia of blue water(fantatisc tv series done by ginax in the early 90's) the original story ideas were Miyazaki's.

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I remember hearing that My Neighbor Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies were released in Japan as a double feature, with the marketing emphasis being on Totoro, because Miyasaki thought the history lesson in Grave was so important for Japanese children, that he wanted to make sure they would see Grave by attracting them with Totoro. Of course, here in the US, that kind of thing would have been met with torches and pitchforks.

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i definitely havent seen the other ones bish put up, but Kiki's is, far as i know, a fairly well-known piece of his, no? also, im gonna check with chi-chan's Ghibli boxset, there's a number on there i havent seen other places.


can anyone find "On Your Mark" on youtube or otherwise? wanted to post that one up.

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I still say that that has to be one of the cruelest double features of all time. I mean hell, it's be like playing the Incredibles before Schindler's List.

My Neighbor Totoro is not analogous to The Incredibles. It's more like...well, the story's kind of Alice in Wonderland, but the tone is even more kid friendly than that, I think. I've have to rewatch it. Trying to remember, it starts out very light, but is heavier in the second half, but never getting darker than, say, the Little Mermaid.

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Studio Ghibli announces new film, plus 2 more in the work by Miyazaki


After a nice ten year hiatus since he completed My Neigbours The Yamadas, Isao Takahata is back at work directing the next feature film from Studio Ghibli. Taketori Monogatari, which translates as The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, will be an adaptation of the story considered to be the oldest surviving Japanese folktale. It is an incredibly well known story, at home, much as Grimm’s Fairy Tales are in the West.


I recall that Kon Ichikawa made a live action version of the tale with Toshiro Mifune and, according to my Google Research, Big Bird witnesses a telling of the story by schoolchildren in the TV movie Big Bird in Japan but I dare say most renditions will become ancillary to the Ghibli version, if not outright forgotten in its shadow. I suspect this toon is likely to become a definitive version in Japan much in the way Disney have laid claim to Snow White or Pinocchio for Western audiences. You only have to imagine how deeply entrenched a Pixar version of



I find the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter to be quite a bitty and episodic story. I’ll rattle it off in synopsis, but - obivously - you might want to be aware of spoilers:



A baby girl from the moon is found in a stalk of bamboo and adopted by a bamboo cutter and his wife. The girl grows up and sets challenges for the many princes who come seeking her hand in marriage, a series of tasks which they find impossible. She then meets the Emperor but rebuffs his amorous advances without even bothering to test him. This is not enough to discourage him, however, and he keeps trying to woo her until she is visted by other moon beings who want to take her home. She can’t resist her fellow moon folk, and is taken away from her parents and her royal suitor. She leaves the Emperor an elixir of eternal life, though he refuses to drink it as he’d rather die than live without her.



Well, that’s what I’ve been able to put together from around and about the web and that Ichikawa film, anyway. He had a UFO turn up at the end, though I’m sure the original version of events invoked more angelically celestial imagery to its 10th century audiences.


The film is reported to be set for release next year.


Also reported in the same post at Asian Movie Pulse is that Hayao Miyazaki, Takahata’s Studio Ghibli co-founder and probably the most cherished animator in the world, is “in discussions with studio staff to make two more feature-length films in the next 3 years”. I’m assuming that means he’s negotiating to direct two pictures, not to find directors for them, but I don’t think we can be entirely sure. He has (once again) been threatening to retire, after all.


these are all good things.

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aw man, we lost the posts about the studio closing...


Ghibli's ‘Tale Of The Princess Kaguya’ gets Oct. 17 US release date


Directed by Isao Takahata (Grave of the Fireflies, My Neighbors the Yamadas), 'Kaguya' is based on the an ancient Japanese folk story the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter played strong in Japan when it was released there in November . The plot: Found inside a shining stalk of bamboo, a tiny girl grows into an exquisite young lady, raised by an old bamboo cutter and his wife. From the countryside to the grand capital city, even unseen she enthralls all who encounter her, including five noble suitors. Ultimately however she must face her secret fate.




Chloe Grace Moretz will voice the title character in The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya. James Caan, Mary Steenburgen, Darren Criss, Lucy Liu, Beau Bridges, James Marsden, Oliver Platt and Dean Cain also have signed up for the film, which GKIDS acquired in March to release in the U.S.


The indie distributor, which has four Best Animated Feature nominations since 2010, has set an October 17 release date timed to maximize awards-season play.





late here, but it's still got forthcoming dates (10/30 in Houston, etc)

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