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This one deserved its own thread...goddamn its lookin cool with more details out on it!




Metal Gear Solid 3 director Hideo Kojima shared some new details on his upcoming PS2 sequel in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine. He confirmed that the game does indeed take place in the 1960s, with the majority of the action occurring in a jungle environment (though a good portion of the game is said to take place in buildings).


Kojima claims that MGS3 will be a significantly different gameplay experience from the previous two outings; players will need to eat animals to stay alive in the wilderness, and as we reported earlier, some animals (such as snakes) can also be used as weapons. Though Kojima says that many fans had positive reactions to the motorcycle in the E3 trailer, he would rather not add any controllable vehicles to the game.


MGS3 will boast a reworked graphical engine as well as Dolby 5.1 surround sound. There is talk of a real-time weather system, though nothing has been decided upon yet. Enemy AI will be improved significantly; soldiers now move around in squads of four, with each individual soldier having his own AI and behavior patterns.


While Kojima did not flat-out admit that Big Boss is the protagonist this time, he did confirm that the character’s name was intentionally hidden in the E3 prss kit. He also intentionally included a close-up of the hero’s face to show that his right eye is missing. Astute gamers will note, however, that the manual for Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake states that Big Boss did not lose his eye until the late 80s. Whether Kojima intends to rewrite that piece of the Metal Gear timeline is not clear at the moment.


MGS3's E3 trailer put forth a strong "Back to the Origin" theme. Kojima said this slogan has a number of meanings in addition to the connection to Big Boss. Unlike in MGS2, the player will control the same character for the entire duration of the game. MGS3 will also be more focused on gameplay than on story this time. He didn't elaborate much on the game's story aspects, though he assures us that it will contain some pretty big surprises.


Kojima also mentioned that Metal Gear Solid Online is in development, though he is unsure when it will be released. In addition, Metal Gear Solid 3 will have some sort of broadband support; Kojima said that he is not sure how significant the online portion of the game will be, but it will at least have downloadable content, such as monthly camouflage patterns for the main character's fatigues.


Metal Gear Solid 3 is currently scheduled for a 2004 release. We’ll bring you more news as it develops.

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Man, im glad Bishop insisted i get into this one...as a prequel, its funny - between the jungle setting and even some of the cast on the codec, this has a feel to it i havent had in the series since the NES games (i beat part 1, never finished 2, but Snake's Revenge was alright).


Game play mechanics are what theyve been, save a rebellious controller that keeps gettin me killed. The camo index, food & cure systems are petty tight too, really make for a survivalist game. I'm just kind of wondering if actually sneaking pasts guards is harder, or im just sucking at it this time around. Oh! and the Ape Escape project is a trip, too.


Sadly, the game's locked up on me, so im renting another copy this weekend, i really gotta see how this turns out; havent even fought a boss yet, and i gotta see where this goes, much less get a chance to do something other to The Boss than let her wipe the floor with my ass consistently. My only relief has been making young Revolver Ocelot look like a bitch.


ps the 007-ish intro & theme are fuckin amazing, cant believe they made the whole "Snake Eater" thing come off so cool.


pps does anthing happen for me telling the game i like MGS2 when i started?

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This was a great game, I never finished it either, I got wrapped up in too many different ones all at once. Still, now that you are talking about it again I'm gonna pop it in and see where it goes...


It's very time consuming and the story...long. :love:


Oh yeah, here's some [cheats/walkthrough] Nick if ya interested...



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Defninitely finish this thing, odd that it is locking up on you though, I never had any problems with that. If you haven't fought any bosses, yet, you are barely into the game at all, let me tell you some of the fights put the ones in MGS 1 to shame.


BTW Music, if you can go back and finish it, the ending is probably the best one I have seen in years. If not best ending to a game EVER, it is that good.

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I'll have to go back then Bishop... you got me hyped now man...good deal. I heard the ending was kick ass before, but best ever...I'm on it now... :love:


Just be sure to set up a good block of time for it, it is long, but holy shit, most games get kinda bleh right before the end, MGS3 bucks that trend, and does it something fierce. Glad to hear you are back on to beat it.


It's kinda funny though, I know that there were a lot of die hard MGS fans who didn't beat this game, or had trouble getting into it. It's odd to me because I couldn't put the game down, it really did mix the best parts of 1 and 2. That and the soundtrack just keeps getting better with each game, and the MGS theme is now up there with my all time favorite video game themes.


Ah rant over. Damn you for borrowing this Nick, all this talk has made me want to play again.

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"I give my life

Not for honor, but for you..."


you can prolly take your copy if ya needs it man, like i said i gotta go rent one on monday 'cause i cant take this lockup. Its the swamp, right after you fight the 8 ocelot guys, motorcycle chick heads off, then the next room, if i change out weapons, go inventory etc i get a disc read error...shit's tragic.


i keep hearin about the crazy boss fights, supposed to be up there with classics like Psycho Mantis. Again, im finally gettin the hang of the game again, between that and the feeling i got from the first game of the series, im looking to spend a lotta time this week on this one.


...if for no other reaosn than to figure out who this hooded guy with the red eyes is....

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i keep hearin about the crazy boss fights, supposed to be up there with classics like Psycho Mantis. Again, im finally gettin the hang of the game again, between that and the feeling i got from the first game of the series, im looking to spend a lotta time this week on this one.


Two words, man - "the End". The fight against him is a sniper duel that makes the one against Sniper Wolf look like Duck Hunt.

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pps does anthing happen for me telling the game i like MGS2 when i started?


Yeah, Snake starts the game with long blond hair and looks like Raiden. I honestly never played the game through that way so I don't know if the look lasts the whole game or just through the intro level.


Two more, "The Fury" probably the most visially impressive fight seen on the PS2.


I don't know man. I mean the Fury fight did look great, but visually I think the last time you go against the Boss is the best looking one. That one's gorgeous.

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Nick, there are alot of sites over on some of the gaming forums that have members, having probs as well with the disc. It's not the disc 80 percent of the time. The discs are pretty sturdy. Most of the problems have been corrected by

a) Getting a disc lens cleaner (cd with a brush on the bottom side)240x240imagesj-pzph63005.jpg

...and using that to correct the problem. Hopefully your PS2 doesn't have mislaligned heads. The reason is that the actual "read" on the disc is done in 2 or 3 separate parts combining graphics and sound and that tuckers out the "sync" on the PS 2 and locks the game down.


That or the copy of ya game is scratched or damaged in the area specific to that particular read.

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If you select I like MGS2 you start out looking like Raiden, then sometime during the intro Col. Tom tells you to take off your mask, and thus, no more Raiden looking guy.


SiBob: (re: a spoilery boss)

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «
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Ah, yeah, that's what i got too, the Raiden Mask. Awesome.


MM - man, i hope its the disc here, cause i acutally used a lens cleaner, and still nothin. Like i said, im gonna rent the game tomororw & hope for the best. Im tryin to play some others now, but its kililn me cause the more you people talk, the more im dyin to get through this one....amazing how everyone (not just you guys, in general) was quite about this gam when it finally came out, i was left wondering if it'd work or not, and now some are calling it the series' best.

Again, i loved part 2, especially all the lengthy Patriots stuff towards the end, so im lookin forward to this.

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...the last of the Cobras have passed, which is good, cause im tired of being on fire. Cant be too much left, sadly.


Whilst i work on finishing this amazing game, anyone heard about this?




Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence is a forthcoming expanded version of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater for the PlayStation 2. Like Metal Gear Solid: Integral and Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance before it, Subsistence adds several new features, including content that was previously available only in certain localized releases of the original game.


The Subsistence package will be comprised of two DVD discs. The first disc, titled Subsistence, contains the updated Snake Eater game. The second disc, Persistence, contains all the supplemental game modes and materials, including an online multiplayer mode titled Metal Gear Online.


First print editions of the game will feature a third disc, titled Existence, that contains the game's cutscenes edited into a three hour movie, featuring some additional footage, as well as remastered sound. The Tokyo Game Show 2005 trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will also be included on the disc.




A new low-angle third-person camera that can be toggled in-game.

Demo Theater (including Peep Show mode), Duel Mode, European Extreme difficulty level, and additional Snake vs. Monkey missions that were previously exclusive to the European release of Metal Gear Solid 3.

Camouflage and face paint designs previously available only in the Japanese and European releases of Metal Gear Solid 3, including facepaints portraying the flags of numerous countries such as the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States.

Secret Theater parody scenes from the official Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater website, as well as a few previously unreleased ones.

Inclusion of the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, based on their 2004 mobile phone releases. The original Metal Gear will be presumably retranslated from its earlier European MSX2 translation, while Metal Gear 2 will be officially localized for the first time in English.


Online mode


Team Battle mode: a KGB soldier hides from his GRU opponent.In addition to the new features added to the main game, Subsistence will also contain an online game comprised of five game modes, each with a capacity of at least 8 players, set in the main game's maps, as well as new stages made specifically for online play. The player can choose to join one of the three enemy units appearing in the main game: the KGB, the GRU or the Ocelot unit. The best-ranking player in each team will control the team's leader, represented by a major character from the main game. Players can choose to be Snake, Dr.Sokolov (for the KGB), Raikov (for the GRU) and for the first time in the series, Ocelot. Other hidden characters will also make appearances, including Reiko Hinomoto from Konami's Rumble Roses wrestling series.


Sneaking Mission - One player will play as Snake trying to procure an item from the other players, who will try to thwart his attempt.

Team Death Match - Two teams must engage in combat based on a set time limit and the team with the most "life tickets" remaining will be declared the victor.

Death Match - A free-for-all in which the objective is to get the most kills.

Capture Mission - Two competing teams attempt to capture an item and bring it back to their base.

Rescue Mission - One team guards an object while the other team tries to capture it. Rescue mission is unique in that players do not respawn if killed - instead, they become ghosts.


:embarassed: a DVD of the storyline, tons of extras, and the original Metal Gear 1 & 2 included? I never even played 2, was always dyin to see how it was....played Snake's Revenge but it was way different. Anyway, thsi package looks awesome! Just came out in Japan, cant wait to see it released over here.


I read this upcoming fight i have with The Sorrow is gonna be...interesting.

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Nah, it means the original metal gear games.


Metal Gear first came out for MSX, and it got ported (rather badly) to the NES. Pretty dope game in the original version, though I never could kill Metal Gear at the end of it. Metal Gear: Solid Snake was the sequel, it also came out for the MSX, and never got ported at all to the NES/Famicom. Instead in the US we got Snake's Revenge, which was, an abomination.


Anyhow, MGS1 was a sequel to Solid Snake. It will be good to get an american translation of that one finally, as it has the introduction of Grey Fox, and some other MGS1 characters.


As for Sons of Liberty. Good game, not as good as part 1, but I never got the whole Raiden hate thing. Personally I think MGS2 would have been loads better if you could have also played through it as Snake, ala Resident Evil 2.


Still, Kojima has a tendency to want to fuck his fans w/o lube. We've been waiting for what, 8 years to play as Snake again, and when we finally can, he's a geezer. *sigh*


But I digress...


Good luck with The Sorrow Cowboy, took me a while to figure out how to beat that one.

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See, i was introduced to the series from Metal Gear 1, and i rather enjoyed it, so id be interested to see the superior original form. Kills me that 2 never came out for the NES, because i never really saw Gray Fox defect, or the famous minefield fistfight, nor the revelation about Big Boss, patricide and all.


Snake's Revenge was....it was an alright game, it was just hard to call it Metal Gear by any stretch, with the side-scrolling and all. Sad ending, that one.


Now, MGS2: Sons of Liberty, i fucking adored, but i was flying solo there apparently. MGS1 was brilliant, prolly the finest PSX game there was, but it played/ended like a Jerry Bruckheimer (sp?) film. 2 teased me with playing as Snake, really solidifying hm as legendary, and getting into the negative aspects of that. Plot-wise, the last few hours really did it for me: Solidus, Patriots, S3, all of it, i ate it up, perosnlaly. Many critics called it convoluted, but i really dug it. Raiden was eh, didnt rub me nearly as wrong as Rose did....bitch, the presdient just got shot, my mission's going tits-up, could we not talk about my empty room/soul right now?


Now, MGS3 gets critiqued a bit for a more straightforward plot pandering to said critics, but im rather enjoying the way it inserted itself into the cuban missle crisis & all, and the plot makes sense given simpler times and all as wel. Plus, i havnet yet seen this ending, but its gearing to be a lot more personal than 2 was.


I fucking love this series, and if Kojima decides 4 is gonna be about old man snake chasing underage boys in a virtual simulator, by god, he'll make that shit an awesome game somehow.

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Nick, you'll love the ending. The way it manages to be completely different, but wrap itself up into the other games is fantastic.


As for Subsistence, I've known about that for a while but the special features you've listed sound like the ones that will be included in the Japanese special edition set. Whether the American edition really gets all of that or not (I don't recall Substance getting a second disc) I don't know yet.



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...holy shit, Bishop (and SB) were right. That was really amazing, and surprisingly touching shit.

Despite a rebellious controller, this was prolly the most i got into a game this year, so thanks again to Bishop. I perosnally didnt think the boss fights were Psycho-Mantis level, but The Sorrow and the final chase scenes were badass, unforgettable events.


This game really sets up the series, as well as Big Boss as a character, and why he inevitably defects. Im so fucking hyped about the chance to play the original 2 soon....Konami's (and Gamespot) got mad details on it but they aint saying when yet.


Thank you guys for reminding me why this is one of the best series out there. I gotta go find the trailer to 4 now.



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