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I'm always throwing in the rumors in other threads, I figured I'd make one solely for them. So here goes. Some rumors (from decent sources) about upcoming film projects.


Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - Thanks to last weekends success (hell, I saw it twice, myself) Disney is already moving forward with plans for a sequel. In fact it seems they've made sequel arrangements with actors Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, as well as producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski. The first film's scribes Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio have begun talks to pen the sequel but no storyline is yet planned. This has been somewhat in the works since before the movie came out (the studio apparently added "The Curse of the Black Pearl" into the title because they hoped they could make Pirates into a franchise). If all the originals are signed up, and they can convince Depp to return to a character he's already played then I'm all for it.


Jurassic Park IV - Box-Office Magazine talked to new star Keira Knightley about the NET rumors of her being in Jurassic Park IV - "It's true! I didn't think anybody knew about that! It was so amazing because I've been a big fan of the original film for years. Steven said he liked my work in Bend It Like Beckham and wanted to meet me. I think Sam Neill really pushed for me as well, 'cause we had worked together before on Doctor Zhivago (on BBC). There were actually two roles in Jurassic Park IV Steven thought I might fit. First there was the granddaughter part, which wasn't all that big a role, she was only in it at the beginning. The other part he was considering for me was substantially larger, but I won't go into any details in case I make Steven angry (laughs). I truly don't know if I'll end up getting either part or not. The script is pretty much locked down, but I think they're still working on final drafts at the moment. But just to be even considered by Steven Spielberg was a humbling honour". Meanwhile Sci-Fi Wire talked with Producer Kathleen Kennedy who confirmed scribe William Monahan (whose only other credit is the upcoming Ridley Scott flick "Tripoli") has completed a first draft of the script - "Let's just say it takes place someplace else. It will not be green. We will not go back to the jungle". For some reason I keep getting flashes of dinosaurs on Mars, I dunno. Sam Neil seems rather optimistic about this one - "They have a story that defies sequel-it is by building on what's gone before, and not just repeating it. I don't like to count my chickens before they hatch, but I think this will exceed expectations. I'm looking forward to it, actually". I don't recall if he happened to say anything like that about Jurassic Park 3, but we'll see. Filming is planned for next year with a 2005 release. No word on who is directing, but it seems like Spielberg is putting a lot of effort into this one. Why can't he do the same with Indy 4?


Kill Bill - It seems that Miramax has confirmed that the new Tarantino flick will be split into two parts. The first part is being released October 10th (right now, it's on the same day as the next Coen Brothers film, and Clint Eastwood's critically acclaimed latest movie), I believe. No word on when the second part will be released.


Superman - Orlando Bloom is the latest actor to turn down the role of Superman (he joins the likes of Nicolas Cage, Brendan Fraser, Jude Law, and Josh Hartnett). The movie also still lacks a director (after it lost Tim Burton, McG, and Brett Ratner) though rumor has it that they're seeking Jonathan Frakes at the moment.


The Mask of Zorro 2 - Antonio Banderas has confirmed that shooting will begin in February for this sequel. The original writer and director (Martin Campbell of GoldenEye fame - woohoo!) are on board. No word yet on whether the much-more-expensive-than-the-first-time Catherine Zeta Jones (or her cleavage) will be returning.


The Watchmen - It seems that Alan Moore's classic graphic novel will be making it to the screen after all. Movies based on Moore have been spotty at best with a decent one (From Hell) and a horrendous one (LXG - in theatres, now!). Let's hope this one can break the curse. Solid Snake himself, David Hayter (of X-Men, The Scorpion King - groan, and X2) has completed the script and seems to be vying for the director's chair himself. If so, it would be his first directing gig - ambitious. Terry Gilliam was connected with this years ago, but it seems he's moved on to other things (maybe he'll finally get to finish Man of La Mancha).


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - A photo has been floating around the web for a little while, now. It's supposedly a production test photo of the dementors in the next Harry Potter flick.


Closer examination, however, shows that these are just pictures of Ring Wraiths with some damn good photoshopping done on them.


The Passion - From IMDb: Mel Gibson's biblical epic The Passion is being tipped for box-office failure - because it's too violent. The movie, which charts the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus Christ, has already caused a storm of controversy ahead of it's 2004 release, with critics deriding Gibson's decision to shoot the film in ancient language Aramaic, and religious groups who questioned Gibson's interpretation of the subject matter. But it seems The Passion's lack of subtitles and its storyline are the least of Gibson's worries - according to sources, the film will flop because of its "violent and graphic nature". According to a friend of the movie maker, scenes sure to shock include a "horrific depiction of the crucifixion - worse than the graphic scenes in (Gibson's Oscar-winning film) Braveheart". According to American gossip site The Scoop, Gibson has held several small private screenings - including subtitles he intends to remove from the finished version - for a select group of clerics, and is taking advice only from them. The pal tells The Scoop, "Mel is making notes and small changes on the advice of the bishops and rabbis who have seen it, in order that he can assure accuracy. Mel won't listen to anybody on this. We are hoping he keeps the subtitles in, or there really is no chance for the movie. No one will go see it, especially if they can't understand it. His friends are working on him but so far, nothing can get through to him." But Gibson's friend is quick to dismiss early fears the film would paint an ant-Semitic picture, "In the movie (as in the New Testament), the Romans killed Jesus, not the Jews. It is in no way anti-Semitic." Geez, give the man a break! He obviously doesn't care about the box office receipts from this one, he just feels that this is a story that needs to be shown. I'd still go see it without subtitles. The story will hold up visually. Besides, if you really are that curious as to what they are saying bring a frickin' Bible and read along! These people are talking about changing his vision as if they're trying to "talk some sense into him". Let the man make the movie the way he wants it!

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Wow, Kill Bill will be in two part huh? I guess it must be pretty damn long (4 hours minumum. Are they gomign with Kill Bill Part 1 and Kill Bill Part 2? I think it would be ballsy to call the first part 'Kill' and the second part 'Bill'.


the Plot to JP4 sounds almost not bad. Check out the plot here.


I think it will soon become more prestious to decline the Superman role than to take it. To be on a list that includes Nicolas Cage, Brendan Fraser, Jude Law, Josh Hartnett and Orlando Bloom will probably help young actors' careers.


Thank god that Demontor picture is fake. The hands are good, but they shouldn't show their faces. It should be just shadow, like int he book. I know the Demontor's face is revealed in the book when one gives the Kiss of Death, but they should show it in the movies. Is there really no other news on this movie besides it's cast and the release being in Summer 2004?

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I watched JP3 for pteradactyls only, so chances are ill see 4, tho i havent high hopes.

I'm a huge fan of Moore - and i really think David "Otacon, you there?!" Hayter's a badass - but that's more then ambitious; that's Moore's - and one of comics' - biggest books, im afraid it'd easily just look like a regular superhero team movie, which is rather far from all the things it stands for...

Kill Bill looks badass, im down.

The Passion...is ambitious, but im with Bob: let the man do his thing; if it bombs, at least he got it out there.

Cool thread SB, keep em comin. Ill add more comic ones later.

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It just pisses me off that Gibson is basically paying for this movie out of his own pocket, trying to make something artistic and original, but everyone else is calling him crazy because it won't make money. For once it's not about money!


Anyway...a few new ones...


Transformers - IGN reports that Michael Bay, Robert Zemeckis and Joseph Kahn are all being saught after to direct the long-anticipated live-action version of the Transformers cartoon.


X3 - Bryan Singer has announced that he does plan to helm the third X-Men movie, but he wants to get in another feature film before he starts it (hey, go ahead, branch out, man).


Catwoman - Halle Berry has taken over the role that was originally supposed to go to Ashley Judd. As long as it has Halle in tight black leather, I can't complain. Sources say she won't be playing Selina Kyle, however, but another woman...who...dresses like a cat...and steals things...I guess... Don't expect any Batman appearances.


Terminal - Stanley Tucci has joined the cast (as an INS agent, apparently) of Spielberg's next film already starring Tom Hanks. After this his resume lists Indy 4 as his next project, but don't get your hopes up. Following Indy is his remake of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty which is set to star Jim Carrey as the imaginative hero. Spielberg and Carrey...oughtta be fun.


And you're right, Jax, that plot outline (if it's correct) does sound pretty good for JP4. I'm impressed. There really is hope that a third sequel can surpass its predecessors.

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Also in this week is the trailer for Gigli, the long-waited-for Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez flick. And when I say "long-waited-for", I mean everyone's been waiting for it to suck. And after viewing the trailer, I can see why. I'm not sure which is going to ruin the movie more - its horrendous plot, it's shitty dialogue (they even have a rip-off of Kevin Smith's "bitch and butch" like from Amy, except it's "bull and cow" in this one), Ben Affleck's goofy accent, Jennifer Lopez proving once again that she's forgotten how to act, or the amazing fact that they have absolutely no chemistry together on-screen. God I hope Jersey Girl doesn't turn out like this...






By the way, they digitally reduced J-Lo's ass in that poster, at her request. Ahh, Hollywood.

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i think the passion sounds really good - and hell - i would watch it. but dammit...i agree that mel should do what he wants, but personally, i'm not going to watch any movie without some translation of sorts. i've had many opportunities to watch chinese movies (a language i get 80% listening) but turned them down cause they didn't have translation!

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Why the fuck would Lopez want her ass digitally reduced? Her ass made her famous! She practcally made huge asses popular in thei country! It's the only thing she has that I still liek about her! And now she's ashamed of that too! Her ass pulls her weight from obsurity to super-stardom and she's ungrateful?



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It's still kinda big, but not nearly as big as her real ass. Rer real ass sticks out from her pelvis like Dolly Paton's breasts stick out from her rib cage. It's big.


And SB, I still say "What an idiot" regarding Bush regardless of how long I've known he's an idiot. It's just that sometimes even her bitchiness (and his idiocy) still surprise me.

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I still don't know how dolly parton's hour glass figure is comfortable to live with...she can knock ppl over with those things, and as far as J Lo's ass...she just needs to invest in some possible anal liposuction or some shit...

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Why would she want to do that? Her ass made her famous! It's her trademark! It's like Whitney Houston deciding to have her vocal chords removed. Or Michael Flatley deciding to amputate his legs. Or Angelina Jolie deciding to have her lips cut off. Or Jim Carrey deciding to have his face permanently covered by a burlap sack.

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Not much new, but here are some updates.


Kill Bill - Tarantino himself confirmed that Kill Bill is now being split into two parts. The first will be released October 10th. The release date for the second one has yet to be decided, but Tarantino says he doesn't expect it to be more than 3 months later. The reason for the split is because he simply didn't want to cut anymore out of it to give it a normal watchable timeframe. He also spoke about the long rumored project The Vega Brothers - a movie that would team Michael Masden's character from Resevoir Dogs and John Travolta's character from Pulp Fiction. Though Tarantino says he might still write The Vega Brothers (as a book or screenplay, I don't know) he doesn't think he'll make a film out of it because he feels that Travolta and Masden have gotten too old to be in a prequel to their two previous movies.


KJ2: Jack is Back - In what is surely a sign of the upcoming Apocalypse, Jerry O'Connell and Anthony Anderson have announced that they have signed on to film a sequel to Kangaroo Jack. The sequel will be set in Las Vegas for some god-awful reason. Fuckers.


The Ninth Man - Harrison Ford has announced that before Indy 4 (which I swear is never going to get made, at this point) gets started he's going to star in The Ninth Man. The movie is an adaption of a 1976 book by John Lee. The premis is that during WW2 eight Nazi soldiers take a U-boat to the US and wreak havoc on the East coast while a ninth Nazi sneaks into the country to kill FDR. Ford plays a man hunting the ninth Nazi. I think it would've been cool to actually see him play the Nazi, but oh well. He hates those guys.

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New News and Rumors


Big Trouble in Little China 2 - It seems that John Carpenter is "on board" with a Corey Mitchel penned script for a sequel to his classic (can we call it that?) flick. It's rumored that Kurt Russel is also interested and they are trying to get in touch with Jackie Chan for the project, as well. Ah, screw Big Trouble in Little Chine. They need another Snake Plisskin movie.


Star Wars - Episode III - Producer Rick Berman has confirmed that a character from the "expanded Star Wars universe" (ie: the books, comics, and video games) will appear in Episode III. No hints as to who, though the only character big enough to warrant a movie appearance would be the kickass Admiral Thrawn from Timothy Zahn's books, in my opinion (if you are even the slightest bit a Star Wars fan, read those books! See how good a seventh, eighth, and ninth episode could be with the right writer!) Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll has reported that the stormtroopers will be all cgi (oh goody, sarcasm) but there is no plan, yet, for a cgi Chewie (thank Christ). And yeah, it's been confirmed that Chewie will be appearing in Episode III. And finally, they've also announced that Episode III will feature more different planets and worlds than any of the other films in the series.


Alexander - Angelina Jolie has signed on to Oliver Stone's biopic about Alexander the Great (not to be confused with Baz Luhrman's biopic of Alexander the Great, which is also in production). She will play Olumpias, Alexander's mother.


Footloose - IMDb has reported that a remake of Footloose is being produced, shooting for a release date late next year. Why, God?


Truth, Justice and the American Way - He gets to play another super-hero, of sorts. It seems that Ben Affleck will more than likely be donning the costume of the Man of Steel, soon. No, they haven't finally cast the Superman flick. Affleck will actually be playing George Reeves, the original Superman star in this biopic.


Taxi - Luc Besson produces this remake of his own 1998 action hit. The plot focuses on a taxi driver, Belle (played by Queen Latifah), who is known for her ability to speed customers through the streets of New York City at speeds upward of 135 miles an hour. She's hired by the NYPD to assist a cop (Jimmy Fallon), whose bad driving has cost him numerous busts, try to track down a team of bank robbers.


28 Days Later - Anyone who still wants to see this movie but hasn't yet might want to wait a few days. Rumor has it that Fox is announcing that 28 days after the film's release they will be releasing an extra reel to be attached to the film. So if fans sit through the credits at the end they'll be able to see a simple title card that reads "What if...?" followed by an over-4-minute-long alternate ending that is much darker than the original.


And finally


Spider-man 2 - An inside source confirms recent speculation about Doc Ock's claws in the next movie. It seems that all four of them are not identical. Each one has different strengths and functions, and each one is actually given a slightly different "personality" and a life of its own. Doc Ock also trades in his round goggles and white lab coat for a green trenchcoat and shades. Check out the teaser poster.




And a blurry pic from footage shown at the San Diego Comicon.



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Cool update SB....some comments:


-Youre serious about the Pliskin movies? Maybe i should finally see em.


-28 Days Later - Dammit i got gyped...guess ill wait till its on DVD to see that part.


-Spidey 2 - The different tentacle/different personality thing...that's gonna be another detail Wizard puts out there that gets the fanboys moaning, but I'll wait to see how its pulled off. Again, my only gripe in part 1 was Goblin's mask.


Uhm...so when's Episode III anyway? Sad, there seems to be less hype with each one...and im gonna just walk on by that Footloose remake.

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Episode III is set for summer of 2005. They're flying all the actors in and out of New Zealand right now, to shoot their scenes, and after that's finished I imagine there'll be at least a year's worth of post-production.


And as for the Plisskin movies, they're fun brainless sci-fi flicks. And I love Kurt Russell's character more than the one in Big Trouble in Little China. (If it helps any, Snake Plisskin heavily influenced the character they gave to Solid Snake in MGS)

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