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...like i needed another reason to see this one....

Thanks for the heads-up Chiefy, was meanin to post/find out more bout this flick.

All ive heard so far was that:

1) Reeves supposedly sprained his wrist or somethin in a fight scene.

2) Allyah & that chick that was the oracle from part 1 are now both dead, some thing the film's curse.  Some are stupid.

3) Supposdely, Jet Li was gonna play a part, but opted for his own "The One", dont know how true that is.

4) The Wachaski bros were talkin bout a "massive, braveheart-esque battle scene between man & machine", dont know if that's for this part or the finale (part 3, i believe the series is supposed to be a trilogy).


Anyway, more info as i find it. Meantime, check this out:



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I read the Jet Li interview, and while I know exactly what he means, it's the exact opposite of what an actor should do and I completely disagree.  He said that if he did the Matrix he'd have a smaller part and what his fans really want is more of him.  Since he's getting a bit older he wants to put out nothing but "Jet Li movies" to give his fans as much of himself as he can.  This sounds arrogant and stuff, but I get what he means, his fans just want as many fight scenes out of the man as possible till he's too old to go on.  It's the exact opposite of what he should do though.  The Matrix Reloaded will most likely be better than the One, especially if he were in it, and his goal should be to help make the best movie possible, not just put as much of himself out there as possible.  He should help make great movies, not be the equivalent of a circus act by just taping himself doing amazing fighting.  If he wants to make anything in America on par with his older stuff he'd better change his mindset.


 Oh, and a matrix 2 ***SPOILER***

I read a while back that they were filming an action scene that involved the Neo and them jumping from car to car and the agents transporting themselves into the people in each car, sounds pretty badass.

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Ok... going to elaborate on what I posted earlier a/b Agent Smith.


*big time possible spoilers.  Not 100% accurate yet...*


Remember when he took off his earpiece when he was interrogating Morpheus?  Well, from what I've been reading, that event had much more significance than what I originally had thought.  It attempts to show that this program known as Agent Smith had developed his own will.


The death of Agent Smith in the Matrix awakened a sub-program of Smith which is no longer dependent on the Matrix... and is multiplying (yes, like a virus).  Apparently, the Matrix is pretty pissed at this and has it's own Anti-virus Agents trying to track him down.  Even more interesting, Agent Smith is trying to make contact with Neo b/c he somehow realizes they are connected.  


The story could go a bunch of ways... first of all, it's possible that Neo creates the Virus Smith, or in killing Agent Smith he either jump-starts the virus program... who knows.

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*new trailer info!*

One of CA's most trusted sources reported that attached to copies of 20th Century Fox's Minority Report, will be the trailer for The Matrix Reloaded. Minority Report comes out in theaters on June 21.


Please note that it is possible that Warner Bros., the studio distributing The Matrix Reloaded, might very well release the trailer earlier than June 21st attached to one of its own pictures. What's are the best candidates? How about Insomnia, released on May 24, or on June 14 (just one week earlier than Minority Report), Scooby-Doo?


That info is a bit old tho, considering that SW2 comes out May 16th, obviously before June...


damn... just remembered that SW2 comes out the same day as my fiance's birthday!  She's screwed!

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The fault would be Eircom's (Irish national phone provider), Dublin doesn't even have broadband yet let alone towns around the country. It'll be a few years till Navan gets broadband.


My point is, how easy would it be to quarter the file size to something manageable on a 56K dial-up, its a bit presumptuous to think everyone has, or could get, broadband. :D

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AAAAARGH 15MB!! I hate sites that don't give a shitty low-res option, we don't all have the broadband of Jesus you know!!

Seems to me it's not teh site you should be hating, but the reason you can't get broadband. One way or another, it ain't the site's fault. Without them, we would have no behind the scenes matrix video.

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We can hate whatever the fuck we want, singular objects, groups, or more than one. We are pretty good at that.


Sorry to rag on you KoS but Dublin does now have access to broadband if you wanna pay the mental €99 a month for it, its called i-stream its available pretty much anywhere in urban dublin, but yeah it'll be a few years before we get it, unless Dempsey pulls his thumb outta his ass!!


Eircom or Eircon ??? ? Which is it? But there is hope yet, the government has pledged money to expand the Broadband network. To other major towns in Ireland, not Navan suprisingly!!

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