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35 new episodes beiong worked on?...True!

A full length FG movie?...True!

Plot of the movie?...Stewie coming to terms with his homosexuality!

To theaters of Video?...Not yet comfirmrf?

Anymore good news?...Yes! Seth MacFarlanne (FG creator, writer, adn voices of Peter, Brian and Stewie) is getting another series too, called American Dad!



Life is so so so so so good!

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OK, Family Guy is back, and I just finished watching a leaked copy of the first episode of the series that will be airing on May 1st. That said, let me reiterate: Family Guy is definitely back! Same characters, same pacing, same humor, same edginess, it's all back. The episode I saw involved Mel Gibson and the sequel to The Passion, and while it's far from my favorite episode, it's got everything that makes Family Guy one of the greats series of all time! Those that were disappointed by American Dad won't be disappointed by this. The show opens up with a great joke about them getting cancelled. Everyone make sure to watch Family Guy Sunday night (not this Sunday but next Sunday) to support the show. The people at Fox that pushed for Family Guy's return really stuck their necks out and we need to support the show.


Family Guy forever! Woo!

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