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Pimp Hand vs Writings onna Wall


Which one survives the purge?  

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So, which should we have in the new Hondo's 2.0, and why?


1) The old "Writings on the wall one" - Theme of digital piracy, linking, etc.

2) This one - same, but with :D instead of :D i guess...mind you, the skins'll change soon, so im just lookin for the theme here.

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pimp hand...at first i didn't like it, but i guess it has grown on me!


what we do in this forum is pimp out things from the 'net as well as ourselves...it suits it well!




as for theme's & colors, i see purple, green & leopard print... :D

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Yeah...tussin, i know what youre sayin, but you do realize who's in the other corner, right...?



yeah my luv is pimping a girl that is not me! what the hell?! Why must you remind me of 2T's cheating every time i enter this part of the board. that isnt nice. i am going to lay down and weep now. thank you very much! :pimp:

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