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i'm a UM fan unless they play UF...it is, after all, my school (which by the way, is #1 in everything they do and they've discovered world peace and saved all the puppies in the world!!). but i'm especially a UM fan whenever they beat FSU, which they didn't this year...so that leaves UF to do the dirty work. plus chris leak is hot.

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ill go. but itll just be like when columbus played southridge: im going mostly to see the jocks who got test bank answers for free (rest of us have to steal em, natch) get humbled.


you shouldve seen when the FIU baskeball players'd call campus security for an escort, i had to pick them up in this kart, and if they were going to the gym? No lie, at least 2 guys i refused. Win a fucking game, and then you get driven places!

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