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Yeah! I saw the whole thing, and I don't usually watch baseball! I might start watching it more!


We won tonight 3-0, and finally won after 86 years.


We're also now 1 of only 4 teams to ever win the World Series with a sweep.


Also, I found it kinda interesting that there happened to be a lunar eclipse tonight.


Jeeze, Boston's made alot of history this year!!!


I'm so glad we won!!!

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I think we're having a parade on Friday because of this. Gotta find a party... Gotta find a party... Gotta find a party....



Too bad I don't have my own car, gotta ask parents permission to go anywhere.


Oh speakin of celebratin, I gotta call my Irish :irish: grandmother who's been watching the Red Sox all these years. She finally got to see 'em win!



Who do you guys think shoud get the MVP? Tough call I think. I'd say it's between Damon, Cabrerra, and Ortiz. My vote's Damon, lotta good hits, and alot of good catches.

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Yeah, Ramirez was the MVP and well deserved. The dude has at least one hit in 17 straight playoff games. I think he shoulda been co-MVP along with David Ortiz, that man is just scary. To think, it was only back in Spring when the BoSox were trying so desperately to trade Manny for A-Rod. Without Manny, I don't see the BoSox winning this World Series. Anywho, congrats to them, made a 105-game-winning St. Louis team look like little leaguers. Party time in Beantown!!

:D:D:D:D:D:D :D :D:D:D:D:D

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Damn...not sure what buttons I hit before, but for some reason all of my replies were in...Arabic.


Anyway, I've just recovered from the party fest that was the GREATEST WORLD SERIES EVER!!!!!!


Beautifully done Boston! I heard 3.2 million turned out for the parade. That's insane. This was an amazing thing! BOSTON FUCKING RUUUUUUUUULES!!!!!!!! :D:D :irish: :irish: :rock::drool::drool::cool::xmas::pimp::jedi::jedi::D:D:pimp::pig::D:D:D:D:pimp::love::tank::zzz::hey::huh::pig::idiot::kiss::help::yawn::D:D:D:):D:party::devil::music::drool::drool::D:angel::luigi::cop::mad::D:drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::dunce::zzz::prod:

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Dude, this is an awesome skin IC, I owe you one. Thanks for not sticking it in The Sanctuary, because I'd never see it.


2T, your not the only one with the Matt Damon/ Johnny Damon curse. A couple of brews and I hear even the most ardent supporter get confused :D


Marrrrrrkkkkkk Bellllllhoooooorrrrnnnnnnnn!

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