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Alright, so im aware that a lotta my threads on various underground rappers get views, but not replies, largely because people just dont hear them, on the radio or otherwise. I can also understand that many Hondonians profess to not like the genre of rap/hip-hop at all, but i believe that many of you havent actually heard it; sure, you've heard 50 Cent "In the club" ad naseum, but when I mention Wu-Tang, Mos Def, Tribe Called Quest etc how many can say theyve heard a track or two...?


This isnt meant to condescend; quite the opposeit, its meant to see who'd be interested in a free sample of some of these artists. I cant promise their finest works, but obviously, ive selected some of my personal favorites by them, and tossed them together.

Im not certain how approchable it is; its largely conscious rap, which talks about street life & such, but not all guns & ho's and such, some of it has very well-produced beats, but insightful lyrics on life, the struggle, and such issues. Its not all a political soapbox, but some of it is, no doubt. which is much of what keeps it from radio play. Still, i (obviously) think a lot of it's amazing music, and would like to share some copied/burned mix discs with anyone down to hear it.


If youre intersted, graet! Just post here, and either post or PM me your address, whatever youre more comfortable with (miami residents can get it delievered if we meet up). I got a few blanks left, some time this/next week, and would just like to put some quality hip-hop out there. Here's the track listing:


1) Common - Be (from upcoming album)

2) Talib Kweli - Get By (produced by Kanye West)

3) Nas featuring Amerie - Rule

4) Common - I used to love h.e.r.

5) The Roots featuring Cody Chestnut - The Seed 2.0

6) Mos Def featuring Q-Tip - Mr. Nigga

7) Blackstar (Kweli & Mos Def) + Common - Respiration

8) Common & Mary J. Blige - Come close

9) Mos Def - Umi says

10) The Roots featuring Musiq - Break you off

11) A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation

12) Blackstar - Thieves in the Night

13) Nas - One Mic

14) Mos Def - Sex, Love & Money

15) Notorious B.I.G. - Everyday Struggle

16) Jadakiss featuring Styles P., Common & Nas - Why? (remix)

17) Ghostface Killah featuring Musiq & K.Fox - Love


Again, it wont be for everyone, but its another side of hip-hop many dont see, and you might enjoy, and its free to boot. Holla!

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Jax - Cool, i look forward to it. Ill have yours ready by the next time we meet up for poker or somethin.


DT - consider it done, you got full access to my drive tomorrow anyway, which is an insane 7,192 (30 GB) if mp3's, so go nuts. Im runnin low on blanks tho, might wanna bring some.


Aarty - Anythin for you, my dear. I still gotta get crackin on Lullaby after finals, but if we dont meet soon, ill pass it onto Isa, along with her forgotten donkey.


Anyone else care to give it a go?

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PS jax - still in the process of the RZA interview (...), but you helped me remember the goodness of De La Soul back in the day, so i looked, and got one track by Sage Francis on my drive: "Sick of waiting", fun shit. Is the album more like that?


Any other takers?

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I haven't heard that song. I've only heard Inherited Scars, Makeshift Patriot adn the whole new album, which is awesome. I remember hearding that he rap battle the RZA and got his ass handed to him, but I can't remember if that's accurate.

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dear jax:


with WhoDey as my witness, your disc literally jumped off his dash on a sharp turn down 8th street. i blame the jello-shots for my delayed reactions in gettin it, but anyway, its stil somwhere down there if you wanna check.

if not, lemme know if you can make another copy, thanks again for the last attempt anyway.

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aw, man...'05 nick leaned heavily towards native tongue; you might dig some of the jazzy elements, but based on the 2 names you dropped, this might not be the best mix.


honestly, a sampler of different sounds/styles might be a better barometer here. regarding those 2, though:


1) did you like the beats on 2001 mostly, or the rap as well? there's a lotta people on that one!


2) i recall you digging Bronson's album, have you heard anything past that? he's done a ton of mixtapes, most of which i really dig bu tthey're not necessarily the same production as what we got there

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I thought I came to the realisation that the beats are what would make or break it for me. That said though, I really enjoyed the rapping on 2001, the lyrics are great and (I'm not sure how to explain it) are just approachable. Combined with the phenomenal beats and man I could listen that shit all night long. In fact I'm currently listening to Bitch Niggaz and god damn, I could just put that on repeat and float away.


Favourite songs on 2001 are Bitch Niggaz, The Watcher, Still D.R.E, What's The Difference, Big Ego's and Forget About Dre. Jesus Christ those skits are fucking painful though.


Really the two Rock/Rap Bronson tracks are the only ones I've listened to, did he have a song in Suicide Squad? I liked that too.


I haven't put a lot of work in to seeking out more rap to be honest, I just stumbled upon this thread and thought "Let's give this another try."

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If it's beats you love, Dr. Dre and Timbaland are the best in the game for someone starting out. Pick up classics like Dre's The Chronic and Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle. For Timbaland heavy try Jay-Z' Life and Times of Shawn Carter, The Blueprint and The Black Album. Ludacris' Back for the First Time and Word of Mouf also has Timbo and great beats. There's so much stuff out there it's hard to gauge what will work for you. I'm just going on extremely fun, popular beats.

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...Really the two Rock/Rap Bronson tracks are the only ones I've listened to, did he have a song in Suicide Squad? I liked that too....

Yeah, it's called "Standing in the Rain" and was a collab w/ Mark Ronson and the singer from Black Keys--so you know I love it. This summer was when I got way into Bronson's stuff. For a guy who's been in rap for only about 4 or 5 years, he's got a lot of stuff out there on the web. Saaab Stories and Mr. Wonderful have been in steady rotation for me the past month or so. I recommend those if you're digging his stuff. Next I'd suggest you go Rare Chandeliers & Blue Chips II, if you want to feed the Bronson beast. He's also got Dr. Lecter & Blue Chips out there as well.

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