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The Tom Sizemore Sex Tape

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Subpar Hollywood actor Tom Sizemore is to release a series of his own home-made sex films.


The 'Saving Private Ryan' star, who filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, is bringing out several tapes he made with nine different women, some of which have already been leaked on to the internet, to try and raise cash.


Porn industry sources claim the actor could make millions from the illicit recordings due to the massive current interest in celebrity sex tapes. Sizemore is the latest star to feature in a home-made sex tape.


Paris Hilton famously appeared in X-rated movie 'One Night In Paris' after ex-boyfriend Rick Soloman struck a deal with porn distributors to release the private footage.

The hotel heiress initially tried to stop the release of the tape, which features Paris performing oral sex and having full sex, but dropped her legal action after agreeing to receive a percentage of the profits.


I watched a Current Affair tonight and this idiot blames it all on Heidi Fleiss because his career is in jeopardy and he's into prono. But it is he that set up the website... go figure... what an asshat. His drug problem continues although he claims he's clean and sober.



Tom Sizemore Sex Tape Preview(not safe for work)


The one and only Tom Sizemore Website


OMG. This man has hit rock bottom. He's now in a professional prono. With his own website...


What a world. :wink:

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I think I'd pay thirty dollars to see that front page montage, but since I've got it for free already, bargain!


I just love how he mixes photos from his illustrious career.




A young fresh-faced Tom Sizemore poised to be the next Bruce Willis




A not so fresh-faced Tom Sizemore poised to have a wank.


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This guy is such a moron


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Tom Sizemore was ordered Thursday to remain in a live-in drug rehabilitation program for another 30 days, but he can leave to work and attend charity events. "This next month should prove to us that you're going to stay sober - clean and sober - and work at the same time," Superior Court Judge Paula Adele Mabrey said.


Sizemore, whose films include "Saving Private Ryan" and "Black Hawk Down," has been living at Las Encinas treatment center in Pasadena for 72 days.


Based on a report from his doctor, it appears that "Mr. Sizemore has taken his treatment seriously," the judge said.


Sizemore's 6-week-old twin boys and their mother, Janelle McIntire, attended the hearing.


"I'm very, very proud to be a father," the 43-year-old actor said outside court. "I just want to put this very difficult time behind me ... I just want to live a healthy, long life and be a good dad."


One of Sizemore's lawyers, Michael Rovell, asked the judge to allow the actor to leave the treatment center with a "sober companion" on occasion. The judge agreed but said Sizemore must have an immediate drug test each time he returns.


Another hearing was set for Oct. 17.


Sizemore originally was ordered into drug treatment after pleading guilty last October to possession of methamphetamine. In July, he acknowledged a series of probation violations from that case, including using a prosthetic device to fake a drug test.


Separately, Sizemore was convicted in 2003 of domestic violence involving his ex-girlfriend, former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss.


He was sentenced in March to 17 months in jail and more than four months in drug treatment for repeatedly failing drug tests while on probation. The actor remains free on bail pending his appeal in that case.

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I love the way all these talentless cock and ball merchants got sex tapes. Hilton, Durst, Sizemore. Come on people where's my Aaron Carter getting butt-banged by a horsey sex-tape? Get on it Carter. Get on it.




I would probably ask something from the ass-faced girl Raven, but I saw her in Walmart the other week so she's atoned for most of her sins for that alone.


So remember kids, if you ever get on my bad side the best way to make it all better is doing a personal appearence at WalMart. Bonus points if you're promoting a line of plus-sized clothing for tweens.


Raven, I'll see you at the crossroads - so you won't be lonely.

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