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Alongside Cable (Soldier X), Deadpool was one of those really great things to come out of crap (Rob Liefeld). I never really read his stuff back on New Mutants/X-Force, but the mini-series by Joe Mad was cool, and the regular series by Joe Kelly & Ed Mcguinnes was a lotta fun - right there wtih Captain Marvel and She-Hulk for great Marvel comedies.


Originally just a parody of DC's Deathstroke, Wade was a chatty, slightly psychotic mercanary who talked to himself a lot, had a teleportation device that didnt work, and couldnt really die, it seemed.


When Marvel was switching things up to dodge Liefeld lawsuits, Gail Simone did a short run on Agent X that i also remember being hilarious. I only read a bit of both series, but recently downloaded the rest, and am looking forward to seeing how they went.


Just wondering if anyone else was a fan; i was playing X-Men Legends 2 last night, and he showed up outta nowhere, threatening to "kill you so dead, you cant be brought back in some cheezy way...like, so dead, you reincarnate as a corpse." He then jumped around and yelled "its beating-you-up-time! ...man, i need a new motto." He's also the only charcter in the game who, upon beating him, asks for a "2 out of 3".


Hard not to like the parody covers...






For those who've no idea who he is...a typical scene, with m'boy :yup:



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I haven't read Deadpool in ages. Such good material. I heard they've changed it up in the past several years. Is it still any good?


I miss Gerry Lequarre, the globe-trotting bum who'd show up in the oddest places talking crazy shit.

Approximate quote (eh, what do ya want? It's been years):

Gerry: "Pop Tarts. Everybody knows. They're bad mojo. Remember Toaster Strudels? The big competition? Then bam! Overnight they disappeared from the shelves, and the add exec in charge? Fitted for cement shoes and dropped off at the Great Lakes."

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random Deadpool image time!!














anyone else reading the new volume? so far, its definitely up there with the last volume; his post secret invasion antics have been a hoot. also, his role in messiah war right now is working better than i thought it would.



really, after the movie, its just good to see him with a mouth again.

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Has anyone aside from Panch read #11 of the original series? Aside from the parody cover, it took panels from an old Amazing spiderman & rewrote them with Wade as Parker & Blind Al as Aunt May. Hilarious stuff. I miss Blind Al

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I have! It was in the torrent I downloaded and it was indeed golden, the fact that it was proceeded by a clash with the Great Lakes Avengers didn't hurt anything. Deadpool's mockery of Mary Jane's period slang, Harry/Norman's hair, and Kraven's nipple lasers made that a classic.


I still haven't finished the series, what happened to Al?

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I gotta find a torrent of that series. I kept on through most of the T-ray stuff that followed, but sadly lost access to comics not long after & didn't pick up again til the Palmoitti run(which while no Kelly, was still pretty great). I recall seeing an issue in limbo there with Wade as

uncohesive cells in a giant tank?

. Based on the joke of dumping every good Idea kelly ever had, I gotta assume it was the first after his run.

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"A solo movie for one particular "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" mutant character, Deadpool, is being pushed forward. Splash Page MTV has come up with the story, claiming that there is official word on "Deadpool" being in active development and that the spin-off will have Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as the mutant assassin known also as Wade Wilson. The official word on "Deadpool" movie being made came up soon after "Wolverine 2" was announced. A Fox insider reportedly informed MTV that "Deadpool" will have Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel as the producers. Though the studio are still seeking for writers, the proposed project is said to be an exploration of the character's background, and how he goes from being a part of the Weapon X project to becoming the mask-wearing Merc with the Mouth. Talks about Deadpool getting a spin-off treatment have made its round long before "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" hit theaters last Friday, May 1." http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00024046.html wont let me fit the whole thing

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Thats cool, was hoping Reynolds would sell it well enough to go solo. Could be a lotta fun with a director/wtier who gets it.


Skeet, if you dont find such a torrent, bring DVDs/memory stick to H-Con, ive got the last volume plus Agent X and Taskmaster, and the great one-shots like Baby's First Deadpool Book.

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You guys are champs. Thanks though, I found a torrent last night and it's well on it's way. Has everything from the 1st volume, Encyclopedia Deadpoolica, Baby's first Deadpool book, few other bits like his Liefeld X-force debuts, etc.

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You know, I never read enough X-Force to see much of him in that series. Was he cool then or was he just a shitty Deathstroke the Terminator ripoff at that point (I'd like to believe that even Liefeld's version was hilarious and awesome but I have to remind myself that this was the man who made a four-armed mutant and named him "Forearm")

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ok, so i finally caught up on his current ongoing (for those that missed it: Daniel Way's a great writer, and Deadpool is not much of a pirate), and the mini's going on, both of which are/were decent reads. But the upcoming news is...well, between this and next month's mocking Marvel's return to classic numbering (its solicited as Deadpool # 900, i shit you not) its safe to say Way knows what this book needs to be about.


The very popular Deadpool franchise will expand even more as Marvel is doing a mini event called "The Deadpool Corps" which will be a kind of spoof on Green Lantern (i.e., they have an oath) which will feature new characters like Lady Deadpool, Kid Deadpool, Dogpool and Headpool (which is the disembodied head from the current "Merc With a Mouth" monthly).


so, so great. for those that dont know, the head is the zombie leftovers from Marvel Zombies. dont ask yourself if it works, its fucking Deadpool.

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