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World Cup 2006 Germany


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Well, I have my money on Brazil being the winners this year, as do most I suppose :sad:


I probably should have left this thread closer to home, but fuck it I'm too excited.


Good on you USA folks aswell. You americans reached the quarter-finals at Korea/Japan in '02, :2T:

Just a shame your players have to play with such a small fan base :sad:, they don't get any encouragement!






But Englands squad this year... :zzz:













Opening Match


The opening match of World Cup 2006 will be Germany vs Costa Rica in Munich at 5p.m., on June 9, 2006.


Fixture Schedule

Matchdays, Venue, Teams


Group A

A1: Germany

A2: Costa Rica

A3: Poland

A4: Ecuador


Jun 9 : Munich : Germany vs Costa Rica

Jun 9 : Gelsenkirchen : Poland vs Ecuador

Jun 14 : Dortmund : Germany vs Poland

Jun 15 : Hamburg : Ecuador vs Costa Rica

Jun 20 : Berlin : Ecuador vs Germany

Jun 20 : Hanover : Costa Rica vs Poland


Group B

B1: England

B2: Paraguay

B3: Trinidad & Tobago

B4: Sweden


Jun 10 : Frankfurt : England vs Paraguay

Jun 10 : Dortmund : Trinidad & Tobago vs Sweden

Jun 15 : Nuremberg : England vs Trinidad & Tobago

Jun 15 : Berlin : Sweden vs Paraguay

Jun 20 : Cologne : Sweden vs England

Jun 20 : Kaiserslautern : Paraguay vs Trinidad & Tobago


Group C

C1: Argentina

C2: Ivory Coast

C3: Serbia & Montenegro

C4: Holland


Jun 10 : Hamburg : Argentina vs Ivory Coast

Jun 11 : Leipzig : Serbia & Montenegro vs Holland

Jun 16 : Gelsenkirchen : Argentina vs Serbia & Montenegro

Jun 16 : Stuttgart : Holland vs Ivory Coast

Jun 21 : Frankfurt : Holland vs Argentina

Jun 21 : Munich : Ivory Coast vs Serbia & Montenegro


Group D

D1: Mexico

D2: Iran

D3: Angola

D4: Portugal


Jun 11 : Nuremberg : Mexico vs Iran

Jun 11 : Cologne : Angola vs Portugal

Jun 16 : Hanover : Mexico vs Angola

Jun 17 : Frankfurt : Portugal vs Iran

Jun 21 : Gelsenkirchen : Portugal vs Mexico

Jun 21 : Leipzig : Iran vs Angola


Group E

E1: Italy

E2: Ghana


E4: Czech Republic


Jun 12 : Hanover : Italy vs Ghana

Jun 12 : Gelsenkirchen : USA vs Czech Republic

Jun 17 : Kaiserslautern : Italy vs USA

Jun 17 : Cologne : Czech Republic vs Ghana

Jun 22 : Hamburg : Czech Republic vs Italy

Jun 22 : Nuremberg : Ghana vs USA


Group F

F1: Brazil

F2: Croatia

F3: Australia

F4: Japan


Jun 13 : Berlin : Brazil vs Croatia

Jun 12 : Kaiserslautern: Australia vs Japan

Jun 18 : Munich : Brazil vs Australia

Jun 18 : Nuremberg : Japan vs Croatia

Jun 22 : Dortmund : Japan vs Brazil

Jun 22 : Stuttgart : Croatia vs Australia


Group G

G1: France

G2: Switzerland

G3: South Korea

G4: Togo


Jun 13 : Stuttgart : France vs Switzerland

Jun 13 : Frankfurt : South Korea : Togo

Jun 18 : Leipzig : France vs South Korea

Jun 19 : Dortmund : Togo vs Switzerland

Jun 23 : Cologne : Togo vs France

Jun 23 : Hanover : Switzerland vs South Korea


Group H

H1: Spain

H2: Ukraine

H3: Tunisia

H4: Saudi Arabia


Jun 14 : Leipzig : Spain vs Ukraine

Jun 14 : Munich : Tunisia vs Saudi Arabia

Jun 19 : Stuttgart : Spain vs Tunisia

Jun 19 : Hamburg : Saudi Arabia vs Ukraine

Jun 23 : Kaiserslautern : Saudi Arabia vs Spain

Jun 23 : Berlin : Ukraine vs Tunisia



Nations, taking part in a World Cup Final stage for the first time are Ghana, The Ivory Coast, Angola, Togo, Ukraine and Trinidad & Tobago.

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We still believe, we still believe

We still believe, we still believe


It's coming home, it's coming home

It's coming, Football's coming home

It's coming home, it's coming home

It's coming, Football's coming home


Tears for heroes dressed in grey

No plans for final day

Stay in bed, drift away

It could have been all

Songs in the street

It was nearly complete

It was nearly so sweet

And now I'm singing


Three lions on a shirt

Jules Rimet still gleaming

No more years of hurt

No more need for dreaming


Talk about football coming home

And then one night in Rome

We were strong, we had grown

And now I see Ince ready for war

Gazza good as before

Shearer certain to score

And Psycho screaming


Three lions on a shirt

Jules Rimet still gleaming

No more years of hurt

No more need for dreaming


We can dance Nobby's dance

We could dance it in France


It's coming home, it's coming home

It's coming, Football's coming home


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Actually the USA didnt' do so bad back '02. I was rootin for 'em... I'll still do.


Thats awesome Don, thanks for the line up. Next to Tennis, Soccer is my next fav sport. Fucking love soccer season, especially The World Cup. Last WOrld Cup, i wasn't going for Brazil. I was actually rooting for Germany. I like to go against the majority in most cases. THat German goalie was amazing. WOooohhhh!!!


So here's to this year's event!!! :cry:

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The best thing about being in the US for the World Cup is not hearing about 1966 thousands of times in the months leading up to the World Cup and for months afterwards after England inevitably don't get close to winning it. "Oh err, they're a good team an' all but they'll never be Geoff Hurst and the boys...."


I wonder if Uruguaians still brag about the wins in 1930 and 1950.

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im surprised to see arsenal have players in the england squad, i cant remember many from the season

but theo walcott... i dunno what sven is thinking, the kid makes rooney seem like a grandad (age wise)

no one (apart from sunderland fans, yeah right) know anythign about him

but go sven....

me,. ill be cheering for england (because ireland arent in it and i like gerrard) and holland, because they are the brilliance....

and don... the lightning seeds song... what a track

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Felt good being a Chelsea fan along side Danny Dyer in FF, though.


And yeah, when I sat down and watched green street with a mate we couldn't help but tag Elijah's character '' Frodo ''


'' Oh, so Frodo used to be a journo? ''

'' Yeah. ''

'' Alright. ''

( Burst out laughing. )

I've got 5 Primal albums, Xtrmntr, Dirty hits, Vanishing point, Screamadelica ( Of course! ) and give out but don't give up. All top class.

See it's never the same with Primal, that's what I love so much about them. OK, maybe you'll hear a few songs that are alike but most the time it's so varied you don't get a break, so it's always fresh.


This is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy off topic, I forgot this was my world cup thread for a few moments there.

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Well see, I hate the gooners all around, but I'm no spurs arse raper either. My best mate is a Spurs fan and he's been locked away for the past few days, just cursing the Arsenal. I think Arsenal spiking the food is a bit OTT, but you never know these days.

Good luck with Barca next week by the way mate, hahahaha.


ii get to see them in july...

















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