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Should we have a seperate food & Drink forum  

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I probably put this in suggestion box, but i'm gonna do this the red tape way just to keep Nick happy! even though HonDOS skirted past these processes!


Basically, a few people seems have an interest in culinary delights,and beverages (not just alcohol)


I for one would like to see a seperate forum for the foody/drinky types among us, to give us the chance to share recipes, give hints and tips, and a section on beers, not just "i drank 7 pints of heineken last night!" type gibberish.


Please vote and comment on what you think...


Power to the people...


I know DoJ would be up for it, and i definitely would be too...

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but yeah.. i'd really think this would be a cool idea.. i could set up my own drinks reccomendation thread (which like all threads i start would die. but its the thought) and spread my encyclopedic knowledge of drink to all of you..


and im sure i could contribute the odd cooking tip, recepie and meal of the day every now and then...


i'd really think this should be given a chance

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Some threads to kick of sucha forum with:


The Chocolate Poll - White Vs Milk Vs Dark. This poll hold a special place in my heart as my first thread that got more than one reply.


The Chocolate Poll Part Duex - Does It Stand Alone? The Sequel that came years later. Bigger budget, but lost touch with the fanbase.


Chocolate Better Than Sex? - Excellent ammunition for the pro-Dionysians.


Horsemeant Prohibition: For or Against - In an era when Nick acted like he was unbiased about everything (footnote, this era includes the present), Nick's prejudice about eating horse comes to the surface.


The Meat Poll - Meat meat meat. Jumbie boycotts on account of omition of "Man Meat" as an option. Nick proclaims Beef to be king of meats.


More later (if someone else posts it).

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Gotta admit 2t, that i don't agree with you there. Yeah the ask threads and subsequent sub forum in crap shack were donkey balls but they're there for fun.


Personally i like to cook and try new things, and i'm sure there are plenty on here that are the same, it would be nice maybe to get recipes on cuban type cuisine, guyanese (Jumbie that right?) cuisine, or just anything.


What will it bring to the boards, well i think it'll be like cultural exchange, after all everyone needs to eat, all for the common good in my opinion.


Now we have the requsite (sp) number of votes, there'll have to be some more threads started, then we can get our sub forum.


You only get out what you put into it.

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I want in....wait i didnt look around? did Nick add it? if not, I have some exquisite recipes that would be great for sharing and discussing if someone tries to make them out somewhere else!


I even have some alcoholic beverages that i've made up that are "secret" recipes, but people really like them!

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