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Okay, Dr. Girlfriend and I can't be the only ones watching this show. Honestly it's Adult Swim's best in my mind (And unlike 90% of the shit on Adult Swim it's coherant. Okay we get it, the randomness of Sea Lab and Aqua Teen Hunger Force was funny, let it go) it's enjoyable on its own but if you get all the references it's even better. While it's main parody is of Johnny Quest there are also parodies of The Hardy Boys, Doc Samson, James Bond, Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Doc Savage, Doctor Strange, Blade, Wesley Snipes, Hunter S. Thompson, The Black Widow, Dormammu, and countless others but you don't necesserily need to understand any of these to love this show.


It was created by one of the lead writers of the Tick animated series as well as Sheep in the Big City and the live-action Tick series. The Tick creator Ben Edlund has also written a few episodes. The humor is brilliant and a definite parody of all those old Hannah Barbara cartoons we all watched when we were young. If you watch Adult Swim semi-regularly and haven't seen this then you need to stop turning the TV off after you've jerked off to Inuyasha cause it's worth it.

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Also big Kudos for the Hunter S Thompson episode...my husband who is a huge HST fan didn't get who he was supposed to be until i did. But yeah, they put a lot of celebrities likness into their charecters, but it's done in such a manner to where you can't tell if they are making fun of them, or just giving nods to where their inspration comes from. i could go on and on and on about how much this show rocks...but seriously, you MUST check it out if you haven't already.



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I have the first season on DVD but haven't made it through it yet (I just finished "Entourage" and "Arrested Development"...gimme an effen break here, pallie). It is a kick ass show. Took me forever to get into it for some reason (which, tends to happen to me with everything "Arrested Development" didn't really sink in with me until it was cancelled :wolvy: ) but I'm loving it. Like the Grimace.


Where the fuck is that big purple ni..wi..pigga?


And since 'baytor has standards (HA! So young, I remember when I was a young fellow I had them too. Soon he will learn)


Season 1: Disc 1 and Disc 2.

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It's like all I do is resurrect posts. Ah well.




I'm somewhat pissed I missed the first half of it when Adult Swim did their April Fools nonsense. I missed a new 15 minutes of venture, a new Metalocalypse, and probably something else I care about.


Anyway. This was for awareness.

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